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Poaching Judge

Weathered Horn

New member
May 3, 2003
If Judges arn't afraid of the penalties for poaching why should any one else be? They even have more to lose. 4th district judge Ray Harding Jr. plead guilty in March to class A misdemeanor drug charges. Last month, Duchesne County, Utah prosecutors charged the judge with third degree felony counts of wanton destruction of protected wildlife for allegedly poaching a trophy bull moose and two cow elk. He resigned from the bench.
It's nice to see he's being charged with felonys for the poaching.



Active member
Dec 18, 2000
Mesa, AZ
WH, It's a funny thing about people who break the law. They all think that they are so smart they will not get caught or they are so slick, they can talk their way out of it. Most of them are really surprised if they get convicted. In the case of the judge, I'm willing to bet he figured he could talk his way out of it. I hope they hang his ass by the neck until dead,,, twice a day for a week...