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Poaching incodent - Is this hard enough?


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
The man who was charged with one of Wyoming's worst poaching cases ever will spend a year in jail and pay a hefty fine. The case reached a plea agreement last month. David Elliot Hudson of Jackson shot eleven elk last November in the Gros Ventre valley northeast of Jackson. He was charged with 9 counts of wanton destruction big game animals, and 2 violations of the winter range statute. of The 20 year-old is currently in the Teton County Jail. He was fined $11,000. Circuit Court Judge Tim Day also ordered him to pay $11,000 restitution, and forfeit his weapons and his hunting and fishing license privileges for life.
I just wonder...does losing his hunting/fishing privileges really matter to this guy? He doesn't sound like a hunter to me, just a killer. I'd be curious to know if he considered himself a hunter.
Seems like the guy got off easy IMHO for the kinda crap he pulled. Bill isn't WY one of the states that has set "game values" for poaching cases and set "trophy values" for mature animals?
If so you would think this loser would have got popped for a whole lot more :mad:
I think that he should have been popped for a bigger fine and more jail time. About the only thing that would bother me is that he has had his right to own a gun taken away. I am morally torn on that issue.
Cali- looks somewhat like a state law...I did a quick search and the two rights that seem to be most in play for those with felony convictions are the rights to vote and possess firearms. Most states (38) plus the District of Columbia permit those with felony records to vote but the right to own and possess firearms is much more restricted. It appears that only 8 states permit the possession of firearms by those with felony records. Another 6 states have "qualified
rights" depending on the felony

The following states permit convicted felons to possess firearms:

Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

The following states MAY permit the possession of firearms by convicted felons :

New Jersey
North Dakota
You can still get your rights back after being convicted of a felony if you petion the courts or if its a non violent crime. So it depends on the conviction of the crime if you can get your rights reinstated. Ex felons can get there rights back to own guns here in Idaho.
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