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Pennsylvanians Please Join PA Predator Hunters Assoc

uncle buck

New member
May 7, 2004
Recently our own Penn Game Commission was going to make daytime coyote, fox, bobcat and coon hunters wear orange when calling. You seasoned predator hunters all know how bad this would have been. We have a young new organzation that step forward and help defeat this. The organzation the Pennsylvania Predator Hunters Assoc. If you are a Pennsylvanian or a hunter the hunts predators in Pennsylvania please join so we can get stronger. Pennsylvania is one of the few states that you can hunt predators at nighttime. Strength in this organzation will insure the this generation and our future generations continue to enjoy predator hunting. You can get to the PA Predator Hunters Assoc by visiting my web site below: Or try www.papredatorhunters.org.