Penalty for shooting a Grizzly


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Aug 22, 2001
Jackson, Wyoming
A grizzly was mistakenly shot on June 9th in the Mount Leidy area of NW Wyoming. I was wondering what everyone thought the penalty should be. The grizzly was mistaken for a black bear and shot(wounded)from right off the road by a minor and the father ended up finishing it off at close range with a shotgun, still thinking it was a black bear.
That's the hunters story. The local newspaper has known about it for almost two weeks but has yet to print any stories and Game and Fish hasn't let it go public. Elkhunter, I think you would be surprised at who it is. I wasn't going to post anything but it's being kept hush hush for certain reasons and I would hate to see someone, no matter who they are, get off with just a slap on the wrist. That's about all I can say for now and would appreciate no reference to me if further inquiries are made.
well, for stupidity, they should be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. To bad stupidity isnt a crime.
Shot it from the truck???? Come on!! Jail time for the kid and his dad. If a grizzly charges , shoot and shut up. If you shoot one from the truck and your dad has to kill it later, then you need to spend some time in jail and some time learning about bears. Gimme a break, I hate grizzly bears.

Can you imagine the guy that shot the elk and was attacked and killed by a griz as he was gutting and skinning out his elk. Gives a whole new meaning to the term " TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN" If your stupid enough to shoot one during blacky season and then call the FWD then you need to be incarcerated. If you shoot one and nobody knows about, well thennnnnnnnnn who cares.
The crazy part is that both the father and son have been to various (I believe 5 was the number that was quoted) bear identification courses and lectures including one this spring. Now tell me, do these courses give someone to much confidence where they make a mistake like what happend or is it beneficial to take as much training as possible.
I really don't care to have this large carnavore in the lower 48 for much of any reason..As some on the boards are want to do, they will defend the other side to the end...This bear is by no means almost extinct, there is a very healthy population in other parts a little farther north. Now if the bear was shot from the road by some idiot and wounded. Then is still close enough to finish off with a shotgun. Then yes as a couple of the other fellas stated. They should be jailed and all hunting privelages revoked for life in the U.S. Especially where a lot of training has already been administered...These are the same stupid idiots that shoot hunters gutting out an animal. They should also never be allowed any weapon more dangerous than a table knife that has had even more of the edge taken off....

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