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Dec 25, 2000
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How do ya do it? I had somebody else help me out the first time, but I've changed rests and cranked up the poundage since then. I'm also thinking of changing arrows, so I gotta tune the thing before I go shootin' it. Not that I'm really in a rush, still stuck overseas for the next month and a half or so, but I'd like to have some idea of what to do when I get back.

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Well, here it goes. First you have to find an arrow that fits your draw weight. Then what I do is take a cardboard box and cut the bottm out but leave the sides.Take freezer paper and tape it over the front and this is what I shoot thru to paper tune. You want a center hole with three clean tears where the vanes went thru.With three vane fletching of course. If there are bad tears up or down, you move your nock the opposite of the direction of the tear. Right or left, you move toward the direction of the tear. This can be very nerve racking so be patient!You want to shoot from only about ten feet or so.Maybe only eight feet. If you have the proper spine of arrow it will straighten out before going thru the paper. If you don't have the proper spine, you could be shooting for days until you finally figure out that you just aren't getting a perfect hole. I had that problem. I spent all day moving my rest and nock and I could never get a hole punched. I went to the easton chart picked the arrow and went out and had my bow paper tuned within minutes. All paper tuning does is show that your arrow is flying straight. I was using 29" 2213's and they were just on the boarder line according to the chart. I am now shooting Browing Gold Tips and that is a quality arrow. I can't really think of anything else. I used to just go out and put out a target and just move my sight pins until I was hitting the bulls eye but not now. You will be amazed at the differnce paper tuning will make. That arrow will fly so much better and faster. Good luck!


Dec 11, 2000
exactly what concerned hunter said ! the only thing i do different is to strip the fletchings off the arrow before you shoot, it makes determining the tear direction easier and as suggested make sure the arrow has the proper spine!

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