Pack Frame Vs. Day pack.

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Sep 8, 2002
Now I can't deceide if I should get a day pack or one with an internal or external frame. I do need a day pack for the smaller stuff. Ideas and suggestions are very much needed.
if you can find a day pack with a hip belt and shoulder straps that lock together you can carry alot more weight without bearing down on your shoulders so you dont tire as quickly
I have a Small Frame pack that I can Carry out a Deboned Dee with Fairly easy. It's made with the Lightweight Plastic Frame thats VERY durable !!!! I love that thing. I'd use it before a Small Fanny pack.. BUT then Again.. Even for a Short trip I like to bring a Camcorder, Tripod, Stove, Dehydrated food, Blowup doll.. YOU know, All the Bare nessecities

Seriously though, I'll get a Picture and Post it in the Next couple days.
I love a mid sized pack. I use a Badlands 2800 and I think it kicks ass. It sucks down small if its not loaded and it will then expand to hold a hundred pounds of deboned meat if you want.
Hey man, Here's an option for you...
I have an ultra-light, aluminum pack frame that is specifically designed for hunting. It collapses into a fanny pack or a small part of your day pack and assembles in less that 2 minutes. It is called the Port-A-Pack, made by Secret Creek. I'm selling one asking $115. My email [email protected]

It one of the lightest collapsable frames in the world. It will easily carry anything that you can!

Here's a pic of it loaded (this ain't me)...

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Welcome to the board STEEPnDeep. That is pretty slick, put it together, load it up and have someone else carry it.
Nice bull.
I'd go with an internal frame as some others have big enough to pack out at least a whole boned deer as well as your normal hunting gear.

If you kill an elk, you can at least pack 1/4 boned or more on the first trip out. I'm still a bit old school as I still like the freighter frames for packing elk.

The problem with external frames that I have is they are noisy and clumsy as hell to hunt with. That isnt a concern for strictly packing elk.
I like a day pack, since I go out for day's with it, and I leave my frame pack in the truck, unless I have a single objective in mind, then it goes to the main camp only carring the day pack...
Gundog "Moosie what brand is it?"

It has a FieldLine tag on it, I'm guessing thats the Brand ? It's the Lightweight plastic pack :


Look what Else Is Embroidered on it :


Here are a few Other views:




Does that help ? I'm sure you've seen this Picture Before but here is me Packing with it :

Thanks for the info. Will have to see what Santa leaves under the tree for me.
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