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Out of the box hunting techniques


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Jul 11, 2021
Through the years I've found or have tried a few out of the box techniques for finding game. This is a couple things that I have tried n had success with. Or maybe just got lucky. But when those times come when you've tried all the standard approaches. Out of the box stuff just might bring them in.
For caribou waving a white flag seems to help. As it imitates a caribou butt. And they are herd animals. Hang an old white tee shirt on a stick n wave it around. I was with my bil. I had a nice bull n we needed to fill his tag. Down to the last hour of hunting before we had to head home. A smaller boo shows up n he harvests it. After the report several boo automatically appeared trying to figure out what the sound was. Had one bull would rear up on his hind legs to look at us better. And for quality control my Eskimo friend Benny told me the caribou with the tail highest on the back has the most fat.
Moose, I generally use a cow in heat calls even while in pre-rut thinking that it will at least attract attention from a bull that may hang around. A light calf bleet will get the attention of both sexes. Use it to stop a moose for a shot. I feel that other cows will be attracted even if just curious. Their moms. Cows = bulls. Hang a canoe paddle in a willow brush n let the wind wave it around to look like a bulls antler. Or use yellow devils club leaves. I always break a few plants near my stands so they yellow up , only takes a day. And they are a good size. Not too big to intimidate another bull. I've used them to bring a bull in effectively. When still hunting and it's not raining to cover any noises sound like a moose. Walk slow break small branches time your steps. Stay as low as you can because they will bust any movement. I sit during the dawn dusk hours n still hurt during the day. I will place sticks across the game trails at different heights to try to distinguish what's moving. I have found that bears use the devils club patches as they move around. They can stay below the canopy. Easy to tell larger animals by the size of the tunnel they make. Both colors.
I've brought 2 wolves into range while moose hunting n doing cow in heat calls. I believe they were taking advantage of the distracted moose. And have heard wolves making a drive towards the calls. Our area is all small kettle moraines shaped like cigars. They will have a wolf on each side that make short yelps like a chirp. Walking on each side just inside the tree line.
Hey I hope this helps others. I've been blessed to be able to hang out around moose for 40 years. And hang out in nowhere ak. And these are a few somewhat out of the box things that work for me.
Some of my most cherished moments are spending time by myself in the wild world around me. But taking someone along that has never experienced things like this also very rewarding. Take one make one hey


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