Our elk hunting this weekend ..pics


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Nov 24, 2003
I went and set up camp on Wednesday night. My son and brother where hunting elk on Friday as everyone knows it was the opener. My brother went up Thursday and I had a dart league Thursday night and got done around 11 pm and I decided to catch a few hours sleep. I got my son up 2 am and we headed north. I saw elk on the way up in the headlights of my truck. I got to camp around 5:30 am and my brother was up and ready to go. We got truck unloaded and headed up the hill. Me and my son headed one way and brother another. Brother saw a couple small bucks and nothing else. Me and my son went up and over the mountain and sat and glassed. Nothing so we side hilled around and back to the truck around 1 pm. Heard 1 shot that morning and figured it was a deer. That night around 4 pm we went to glass a canyon and we dropped over the side to the bottom of the trees so we could see the whole ridge across from us. I pulled out a reed to do some cow calling and I looked across the canyon and there where 4 elk. 2 cows and 2 calves. Jeff moved down a little onto a stump for a solid rest. i glassed a bull move threw the trees. A minute later he came out the other side feeding in a opening. My brother squeezed off a shot and hit him he then ran up hill and stopped. Again a shot and a miss on this one. The bull turned broadside facing the other way. My brother shot and a hit. The bull started staggering and hit the ground. Then rolling and sliding farther into the canyon. He slide about 30 yds and stopped. Then the high fives. We headed across to him. When we got him he was stopped up on a rock ledge by a rock the size of a basketball. If he would of slide over that edge he would of dropped 30' onto some rocks. My brother was shooting a .300 Weatherby with 180 gr Weatherby shells. We took the pictures and cut the head off and gutted him and figured we would get him in the morning. By the time we got back to the truck it was 6:45 pm. Oh yeah in the pictures you can see the other side of the canyon and it was 358 yd shot. 2 perfect lung shots as you can see in one of the pictures. I cropped the others and this is the best one to show the shot on the elk. We got back to camp and we decided to pack him out first thing in the morning. Jeff went down in and me and Damian took off hunting as my brother said to show up around 11 and he would have it cut up and ready to go. Well me and my son headed over to a spot where I have seen alot of sign and as we where hiking threw some aspen we saw alot of trails threw there and we found this pic of the wallow. Took some pics and started back up and found another one farther up. There where 4-5 trails to each one and they where used pretty well.Also found some bear scat above the one. we got to the top and headed down the ridge and we spotted some bucks on another ridge. Saw 5 total and 1 would of been a shooter but he was a nice 4 point on one side and 2 point on the other. About 24" wide.His 2 point side was the full size of the four point side except some reason he didnt grow the forks. he would of been a 160 buck. Seen a small 4x4 a 3x3 and 2 2points. We met up with my brother and he had both hind quarters hauled up to the truck and had both packs loaded and ready to go. So we got back to camp around 1 pm on Sat. My brother heard some shots about 20 minutes before we showed up and then he heard snapping branchs coming from the bottom and he was looking and there went elk about 200 yds from him threw the trees walking. So we decided to go back above and glass again that night. Well around 4:30 we where back in there glassing. 30 minutes before we where set to leave I popped a reed into my mouth and cow called. Down the ridge I got a cow to answer me. My son was so excited. I worked them cows and had them going pretty good for 5 minutes had them talking big time. they dropped to the bottom into the trees and talked a few times then they sounded like they where heading up the other side still talking to me. Then they shut up and it was by now to dark to shoot so it was more for fun. We seen them going threw the trees to our side again. We seen them about 100 yds from Jeffs dead bulls carcass. Thats when they shut up. So back to camp.
This morning up at 5 and we headed up to another ridge we have taken a couple bulls off of and got to the top and was heading down the ridge to where we saw the bucks. We stopped and there was a cow down the ridge by some trees. Got my son set up at about 150 yds from it to wait. Then the cow looked down the ridge below us as got spooked and took off. Some cows and calves ran threw the trees and nothing for my son to shoot at. We thought these cows where the bulls my brother shot. Well down to where I saw them bucks. We saw 1 buck. The bigger 2x2 and had a guy walk below us down threw the trees and made a loop half way down the ridge and threw the bowl. He didnt spook nothing out of it. We heade out and rolled up camp. Was a great weekend because my brother got his bull and my son was there with us and hiked his butt off.
Here are the pics of Jeffs bull and the wallows and a rub I found that was 7 1/2' up the tree.
Jeff packing his head out.

Jeffs shot hit the bull if you look right above the at in the bottom right corner.


Here is the first wallow me and my son found. looks like I might have to try this unit with my bow.


My studdly son and the rub. He is trying to act tough here.

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