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one more bites the dust


New member
Jan 2, 2004
gods country, wy
went shed hunting today with my cousin mike. we hiked about 10 miles but found no elk sign. so while we were taking a break i broke out my rabbit call and blew the dieing rabbit blues.
we ate cookies and drank mountain dew then decided to move on. i looked over behind me as we started back up the mountain and there stood a coyote. he looked at me like what the heck are you doing up here this early in the year. he was in shock and just stood there in disbeleaf.
the 788 rem 243 found its mark and i stroked the trigger. scratch one lamb eater.
never found any elk sheds but i did get my coyote fix. now i'll be able to go tell next weekend without going into withdrawls.
billy mills might have a few extra lambs to sell too