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One month to go


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
In one month MEATHEAD and I will be picking up the horses and heading to camp. Then we will do a ride into the hills for a quick look see before the opener the next day. My best friend Alex will be joining us on that day also. I am looking forward to this hunt as much if not more than any other hunt I have taken. I have gotten most of the food together and only have a few items left to pack, that need to be picked up just before we head out. Hopefully the fire ban will be lifted by then, but we will be warm and dry even if it is not. Yesterday I rode into a place that I used to hunt years ago and forgot just how beautiful it was in there. The only problem with that area is all the ATV activity that is in there during hunting season. They have truly ruined a great hunting area that used to hold a lot of elk. There did not seem to be any recent activity from ATVs in there, but come elk season I will be able to hear them buzzing below as they make there way into the heart of what used to be some of the best elk hunting to be found. The sad thing is that they could be in there on foot in no more than 1 hour of walking. Oh well, they will keep the elk up high where we will be at like they have done in the past. The view I had on the ride out was breath taking. I did not take any pictures but silently sat in the saddle and took it all in. I am looking forward to being up where I do my hunting as I have not been up there since last elk season. I saw some decent deer up where I got my elk last year so I will be up there for the opener of deer season in mid September. To be back up there will be like returning home for me, only this year it will be returning home with a new friend, MEATHEAD. I am excited for him as well as the upcoming season in the hopes he should get the opportunity to take a nice bull elk. See you in about a month Martin.

This is where we will be at first light on the 26 of September.
Sounds like someone is a little home sick for elk hunting
If I lived back there with that type of hunting I would be too..Good luck to you too, and get loads of pictures...

Well Bill, Deerchik said you sure can write a good story. She wanted to cry just because her daddy was going to be with you up there in such a beautiful place hunting Elk.

I'm looking forward to this hunt more than any I've ever have before. Just being in a place that I've never been in is so special but also being with firends that i've not meet for the frist time will be even better. I'm counting the days til I board the plane to head that way to be in such a beautiful place with some great people.

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Like you I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. I don't think you will be dissappointed in what you see out here. As the sun starts to rise and darkness breaks way for the first light of the morning, I am hoping that the meadow will have a fair share of feeding elk. It sure would not be the first ime an elk has in the big fields. Just to be back up there and seeing natures beauty and sounds is enough for me. But elk it holds, it always has. Sometimes the elk are harder to get on and get a shot at because of the wolves up there, but the elk are there.
I just sent you an email with an address to ship to. Hope you don't end up packing and unpacking and repacking like Moosie had to do.
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