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jig maker

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Nov 30, 2001
Henderson NC
Cougar killed near Junction, TX (200 lbs) . .

Welcome to Texas ......

How would you like to run into this about 30 min. before daylight,
while you were walking to your deer stand, about 30 degrees, misty,
overcast and dark ! It was killed on the Moncrief Ranch approx.
20 miles west of Junction. The hunter is 6' 2".



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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
WOW !! Thats not a bad sized cat for a Texas cat .. eh :D :D :D

I'm sure JJHack would like to have known it was a Cat from texas ;)


One Big Cat
February 7, 2004
2/6/04 – Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Pennsylvania? – this cougar sure is getting around. We've received numerous emails asking about the story behind this B&C Trophy. Here's the skinny posed in TrophyWatch last January:

The big tom was taken by Ron Hisler from Duval, WA with one shot from a .30/06 shooting Barnes X bullets. His partner, Jim Hackewitz used a varmint call to bring in the big cat – taken within 6 miles of Bellevue, WA. Bellevue is a major suburb of Seattle. Washington voters passed a bill banning the hunting of cougars with dogs a few years back. Good idea?

UPDATE: Unofficial score – 15-12/16, which would be in a 6-way tie for #7 all-time. Included in this list is a 15-12/16 tom taken by the only American President in the records book – Boone and Crockett Club Founder, Theodore Roosevelt, which when entered was the World's Record cougar taken in Meeker, CO in 1901.

4/30/03 UPDATE: The official entry score for this cougar is 15-7/16.



Dec 10, 2000
Peoria ,Az
Oscar wait till the story goes around about that huge elk shot in AZ again this year or the big bear that ate 50 men it was 18 feet tall.....

Bad part is some people get this email and have never seen it, then you get other guys who post the same pic every year with a different story on 6 different webpages.... (its called short term memory)

Jig a guy on this board(who reads it anyhow) knows all about this cat, one of his clients shot it if I remember correctly.