Ol friends n moose season


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Jul 11, 2021
I contacted a couple ol friends. Go back 30 years and it seems like yesterday friends. Both want to go and are making time. I'm blessed that somehow we managed to get a cabin built in the middle of nowhere ak. I've got it set up to pretty self contained. I knew I would get older n just want more bush time. And a place to share with family n friends. Now just gotta go. Always a couple projects to do first it seems, gotta get the priorities straight. And getting my head straight by spending time out moose, bear n wolf hunting is going to happen.
And it feels good to go back in time a bit. Time n family needs happen. And for the first time. We have some refrigeration capabilities. An air conditioner in the insulated generator shed will serve as a walk in cooler hopefully. And we freighted out a small freezer last spring along with a new duel fuel 2500w generator. I also gotta admit that a heat pad on my back after a day out feels kinda good on the ol worn bones. So does a bed. Hey I like to spoil myself. And those of us that have been blessed to go out on a remote hunt n harvest meat for our families n friends in need. Know what it's like after you pull the trigger. You need a pretty decent pace to insure your meat, hides stay good. And there is never a guaranteed that a bush plane can get in. Hopefully we have that issue dealt with. And us ol folks can get by.
As long as me n my beautiful wife can make do we're great. And to meet up with ol friends, folks who know that bush scratch. And itch it. Hey just kinda excited n dreaming of the fun times to come. Just getting out is priority


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