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OK Idaho Bear


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Jul 25, 2004
Rigby, Idaho
Well after checking the baits and finding out someone has been visiting them we decided to put a dog on the box and rig for a little bit.
We hadnt gone more than 5-8 miles and we had a strike, Jimbo said he wanted off and when we backed up the rest of the box sounded off in a accordance. We gave Jim the honors of being the stert dog since he rigged the bear with Ace Dakota Jade and Matty close behind . they dropped down to the crick and headed straight toward a camp and went right through the camp , the camp had two very upset dogs one a rottwieler and a lab they were not happy with our dogs going through thier camp , thier was still a couple guys at camp and they expressed to that they were not happy but when we showed them the bear track and that it had walked right ( within 20 feet) of thier gaurd dogs they calmed down .
While we were talking with these guys the dogs jumped the bear and the race intensified and they got treed about 15 minutes later with 2 ground fights before the tree .
We invited these guys to the tree which they accepted as this was thier first bear in the wild .
Not a big bear 5'2" and over 3 hundred pounds ( 315) but a descent bear a rather short fat bear for our area . We called my buddies dad to come take it as he has cancer and it is not looking goodfor him right now .
Anyhow was a good hunt and Jim is happy with his bear .
Nice work Smiley!

Sounds like the campers had a great wakeup! 300 + is a big one anywhere in ID. Sounds like you have some great dogs that know what they are doing.

How is Rigby doing? That's my hometown. If you grew up there I may know you........

T Bone
Rigby is still rigby I grew up in Everett wash. been around these parts since 93 .
It was a short fat bear, guess almost had my demensions it had 55 pounds on me I had 8" on him speaking of my hieght uhm uhm
;) .
Is it your parents that still live here ?
Oscar said something bout someones parents over here.
I live about a 1/4 mile north of Cedar park golf course.
Now for my dogs they are ok they seem to get it done .
I will be headed out north of boise for a 5 day bear hunt over there I hope to catch a good bear for a buddy that drew over there.
You gunna Have dinner with Moosie when you head this way (Hope I'm not late with the Request) .

Call me when you're coming through town 571-1ELK is my cell
It was the best bear hunt I have been on treed 7 bear in 3 days of running
:D . First day : threw dogs in the box at 7:30 and got our first rigg within 15 minutes from camp dropped 6 dogs and first tree was 100' from road , a 90-100# bear , could hear more dogs up canyon, had 2 cubs treed about 2-300yards up with 2 other dogs under that tree .We could not hear any other dogs so we went back down to the truck and got a reading up river so we headed up and about a quarter mile up the dogs had the bear right in the middle of the river fighting it . I emmediatley went into Rambo mode and went flying down the bank roaring at the bear and she promptly left the river and went up a tree on the opposite bank . Was a 6' sow most likely the mamma to the cubs we treed earlier , so after much talking the tag holder out of her we let her go , this was his second trip over and was the biggest bear he had seen and was not about to eat his tag . We called it a day .
Day 2 : first rigg took a little while and when we put down we had another split race 2 dogs went up river and the other 4 went down and over the ridge. caught up with the 4 and they had another mean bear on the ground we dumped our two pups out and the light switched on for them as that bear was on the ground fighting the fought him for about a half hour till he treed .
I will finish up later in the day sorry about the intermission . :D
Man you must be hunting in unit 32 or unit 22. thoose units are full of bear. i came through uit 32 the ot5her night after hunting in 24 and seen 4 different bear cross the road in my headlights. I know and old man that catches 30-40 bear a yr in there with two border collies he justdrives the roads till he see's one and puts them on it seldom do they tree far from the road. great place to train pups i guess
Yeah we had tags in both areas and if they run far from one road there is another they are closer to , but lots of bear .
Wish we had that many bear over here .
What unit is east of Boise around Anderson reservoir? I hunted with a guy named Bill Herald about 6 years ago and he just about killed me. We treed bear and chased bear and I couldn't even walk after the second day. You guys gotta be in great shape to do what you do. I would love to do it again. Didn't bathe for 7 days and burned my clothes when we were done. :D
I think Bill use to work for Fall Creek Outfitters or something like that, he definately a go-getter, had a buddy use to log with him, they would log all day then hunt all nite sometimes staying up several days in a row.
That's the guy. He logged in Alaska every year. Absolutely the toughest guy I ever met and had a load of fun spending a week with him. The first few days I thought he was gonna kill and eat me! :eek: