Not Much time to hunt this year> BUT LUCK COUNTS!

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Dec 9, 2000
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I hope everyones season is going well!
Since I have a new business and a NEW Baby Boy I won't get to hunt as much as usual...
But, it helps to get lucky now and then!
Photo> This is a good buck for our part of Alabama Live weight 190# 5.5 years old.


I shot him at sunset and he went down on the spot (Spine), But by the time I located the doe I shot first, she ran 100 yards thru planted pine trees so it took me bit to locate her. It was pretty dark for photos! This may explain that WILD EYED look from the flash! I'm not sure if I'll make it back this season, but IT'S ALREADY BEEN A GOOD ONE!

Luck to All,
JB......he may be big enough for you to be labeled a poacher! :eek: .......and that dark sky won't help matters none! ;)

Ahhhhh, how I miss the south! :( .......that's a beautiful buck, buddy, and that ain't a bad grass patch either! ;)
Good deal JB. You have learned the worlds best keep deer hunting style. Luck is what counts! Glad to see you get all your luck in one day! Nice job
Thanks All !

I say it was ALL Luck, but I do have a good number of Post Season scouting hours in this one getting his pattern down!

Funny thing is he came across a Planted Greenfield (as DS noted) to get to my stand site.....opposite from what I predicted.

An DS, about the nite photo, Since I was alone it took me too long to get set up for a photo to get it with light in the sky.
I hate I missed the day light for photos because my favorite photos are IN THE FIELD as opposed to in the truck or at the skinning shed (it's a Southern thing Yall!)

I CANNOT WAIT TILL THAT BOY OF MINE CAN GO WITH!!!!! I thought he asked for a Camo all terrain tired, Golf Cart the other nite but he is still a little hard to understand at only 5 weeks old! But he already gets excited when we/I talk about going HUNTING!
But I think the 416 Mag I got from ole Bob may be a little much for for a while

NOW, if I can just make it back up for the other big buck I found Post season, he is bigger in Body but I'm not sure on the Antlers since he is older and almost over the hill.....if I "catch" him I'll let you know!

I'll be around more now yall,
JB... AWSOME MAn !!!!! GOOD luck chasing that 2nd buck..... So..... HOW MANY can ya Wack there ... ?!?!

In our part of Alabama legally you can take a buck and a doe each day from the Saturday before thanksgiving until January 31.
You really can't take a buck everyday, there are just really not enough, but you could EASLILY take a doe for the whole season.
This state has something like 35 to 50 deer per square mile in a lot of places so you realize there are just way too many deer.
Most of the hunters do not approve of shooting females though the attitude is changing from seeing the resulting antler growth when there is enough food for all!

We have our own rules:
We Limit the buck harvest to one per person on the family property (1,100 acres) with a Max of 10 Bucks taken per year, But we have never removed over 7 in a season.
If you shoot a buck, it goes to the taxidermist. Our Average age for the past 8 years is 4.2 years old....Nuff Said.
And we shoot a minimum of 30 does on the same Property and we are shooting for 50 this year because there are WAY too many.
When you remove does from the herd the remaining Females usually have TWINS.

We have a lease about 15 Minutes away where the rules for a buck are not so strict and its larger area. A buck there must be at least a 3X3 and we kill A LOT of Does there!

My personal rule is to wack any doe that has a weaned buck fawn. That prevents the dispersal of the buck fawns during the rut.
And I only shoot older bucks, I take them based on body size to age them. Hunting a Mature white-tail is a real challenge to me and I like to get in thier head!

I told you last year, load up and come on down! It looks pretty busy for me this season, but next December or January will be better!

Got some fine Fishin too!

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