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Feb 18, 2002
Hey all,

I went shed hunting again this afternoon and my main goal was to find the match to the fresh 6pt from yesterday(previous post). Well sure enough after about 1/2 hour of looking I found it about 50 yards from where i found the other side. But theres a problem...its a freak elk shed! My dream of finding the perfect match to the shed with the huge G2's was shattered! This shed just has an eyeguard and after that it just ends. It looks like the bull broke off his mainbeam on that side during the velvet and after it broke off it continued to grow. Also the eyeguard grew out really long for an eyeguard, i guess the body kinda let quite a bit of the nutrients go to the eyeguard since the mainbeam was broke and probably bleeding??? Well enough talk here are the pics. I also found another fresh 6 pt today and an old 3 pt elk horn.

Freak shed:


Here is the freak with its match:


And here is the other two sheds I found today with the freak. I found that nice fresh 6pt laying in the middle of a two track road...guess i was the lucky one to walk down the road lol!


Hope you enjoyed the pics,

Let's tell the truth here wyodeerhunter!

Who was with you when that shed was found your friend tony found the other half not you. Give credit where credit is due. We will be going togather this year and iam going to find more then you my mexican friend
Nice to see you here, but tell the truth come on, didn't you think it was a broomstick? I'm the one that knew it was a shed lol.

Yes these sheds are from this year