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NON res part 2


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
OK, I read the topic that ya have to have CLOSE family to hunt in AK.... LEts say I do.. NOW WHAT ?!?!?!

QUESTION, IF you have a direct relative there... DO they have to be with you 24/7 ?!?!? LIKE if I see a mnt. goat in the hills can I leave them to go get it... OR if they want to sleep in a day, could I go out myself ?!?! OR with another local ?!?!?!

OR what if I get a wild hair and decide to fly back in the BUSH ..... CAN I go without them or do they need to follow me everywere ?!?!!?

The wording used in the reg book says you must be "accompanied in the field by an Alaskan resident who 19 years or older who is within the second degree of kindred."

There is a warning in the reg book, which says...

NOTICE: These regulations are not quoted verbatim from state law. They have been simplified for your convenience.

I take "accompanied" to mean "right by your side" when your actually hunting. You may want to take your chances though, just don't bring a rifle you really aren't willing to lose!

Alaska Game Regs
BW ... thanx for the HELP..... I hate to read the regs.. but when THE oportunity arises... I gess I will.. :D

NUT, a wild hair :confused: ... NOT me ;)