no deer but tons of hogs


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Feb 27, 2002
i went to bed last night not sure if i was going to hunt this morning but set my alarm anyway.i woke up and headed out.this is the first year i have hunted this place so when it started raining i decided to ride the roads and see if i could find a better area.i drove around the first corner from where i was parked and i spotted about 10 hogs going across the road.when i got out they scattered in every directionso i waitedand sure enough a couple stepped out in the road.i got a shot and it looked like i missed clean.a few minutes later some more walked out and i couldnt get a shot.then a huge white pig stepped out, i got another shot he looked like he was hit but ran off.after waiting a little longer i walked down to where they were and i found lots of blood bone and some hair and i could here him grunting. i walked in a little looking for white and couldnt find it.i found another hunter and he was willing to help so we went back in near where the grunting came from, about 20 feet from the road i saw a black hog when he didnt spook i figured it was the first one i shot and it was. we searched but never did find the white one or any sign that he was down. the digital camera i had to use doesnt work very good but i have a few pictures and we got some with a regular camera and ill get them up asap.this boar had about half inch cutters and i got him with my .308. :D


WTG tnctcb, great pics. I really like the hat in the picture too. :D The picture with the kids is cool. Let them join in at Hunt Talk.
sambar yes im going to eat him, they do have diseases here too but it cooks out you just have to make sure the meat is all the way done.

elkhunter i have one boy already on here ( 870 youth) he reads the posts alot but seldom makes his own posts.

i saw a huge one this morning but i couldnt get a shot.

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