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Sep 30, 2003
Hi everybody, i am new to this site, i signed up like last week, but this is my first post, have been very busy, pouring cement for garage, and working on pickup. where are you all hunting this year, I applied for region "G" this year, for deer, but was unsuccessfull. i am going to have lots of opportunities to hunt birds and coyotes this year. Just so yall know i live in afton wyoming, wouldnt rather live anywhere else, just moved from lewiston idaho, last week. just starting to fix up the house.

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Welcome Aboard Splunter !!! Just wondering how ya Found the site....

Pull up a stump and tell us a Story. Heck, I might share one with you in a bit
Red Deer in Orangaronga and Tehauranikau valleys, Sika up the Eastern hutt when they finish 1080 poisoning for possums, and hopefully a chamois hunt in the christmas break either in the Taipo or Deception area.

Pleased to have ya here at Moosies mate.
Welcome to wyoming,
When you become a resident and can buy resident licenses, you will be very glad you came to wyoming.
Hey Splunter,

I'm a Story Teller And LOVE to tell stories So Here I go :

there was this Underage KID that posts on my site named OldOregon. Anyways, You need to be 18 to visit the Adult section. He asked for a Password And I figured out he wasn't 18... TSK TSK.. Kids now a days right, HELL, I'm sure Owning a House and pouring cement for your new house you remember the Days when you pulled stuff like that as a kid.

BTW, It's actually Concrete, Cement is the substance that makes Concrete. Just for Future Refference.

Anyways, So you Email me, (Splunter that is) And have all the Same Typo's this kid has. Doesn't use Capital "I's" uses i's Ect. So, I pointed that out in the first Email you sent and Asked some questions. It might have been a bit weird you thinking I should just give ya a welcome and Not want to know much about everyone that posts here EH ? BUt Hell, I like to know who stops by and Like to know as many people as I can.

Anyways, He came over, This kid I mean, from MonsterMulies, A great site I have to say, And I noticed when You Emaied me it Also Has a Monster Mulies Email as a Returned Address, You also Emailed me for access to the Adult section. Is that funny or WHAT ? But Wait, there's more

Normally I take Everyones Word for it but Our Buddy OldOregon Wrote in a Post once :

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> posted 10-01-2003 12:30 i shoud just sign up with a diff name and say im 18, then i could get in!!!! hey moosie, u live in boise dont yah, i live in wallowa, only live 100 miles away. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

So.. Only a week or so Later you register and :

1. Type like him
2. Put in your Profile you're from Idaho then when I question it in an Email you said you just moved to Wyoming.
3. You have an MonsterMulies Email (ASWELL)
4. HAVE the SAME IP# as him

FYI, IP #'s are a way that a Guy like "Me" can Track people on the Net to see where they come from. Guys From Idaho don't have the Same IP as guys from Wyomnig or Oregon.. HELL, I don't even have the same IP as my neighbor when He logs on.

Now I will say Sorry in Advance if I'm Mistaken about you and Will send you a Hat...... or... A billion Dollars or something if I'm wrong, But I couldn't let everyone Welcome you to Wyoming and the BEST Site on the Net without pointing this out first.....

Lemme be the First to RE-Welcome you to the Site OldOregon, Pick a name and Stick to it bud
Outstanding Moosie! I think it's funny as hell when this kind of thing happens!!! The internet is not near as 'anonymous' as people think...

That will teach the boy to think he can out-smart the man!


Welcome to the both of you
( Hell I'm used to talking to people with muli-personalities)I'd offer y'all a Shirly Temple but you'd probly want to date it

That moosie may not look like it but he is a Fart Smeller... I mean smart feller. Sorry Oldoregon, i think everyone deserves to look at porn but hey, you gotta be 18 to do it legal.
Man I give you all the credit in the world for trying, I'll give ya an A for effort, but really man, it's not the end all be all. Hunting is way more fun!!

The fact that Moosie noticed a "speech pattern" in splutter's messages: $1000

The fact that Moosie realized that the IP addy's were the same: $810

The fact that Moosie never once spelled splutter's new screen name correctly:PRICELESS
hey moosie. i dont capitalize my i's, i do know that cement is only a part of concrete.my dad says hes been to your house under my name. can i get in the adult section.

Damn kid, you are going to alot of trouble just to look at dirty pictures!!

Wouldn't it be easier just to shell out a few bucks and have one of your buddies older brothers buy you a playboy?
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Damn kid, you are going to alot of trouble just to look at dirty pictures!! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

HAHA !!! Mule says that but He's the Only one out of the Bunch that offered to pay me $50 a month if I keep that section up when I was going to close it

Here's a thought... try puting "PORN" into a serch engine
try crazy stuff like "Water Sports" looking for some Ski-doo's and you'll get the 'golden shower' web pages

Although I think Getting "Adult content" off the net is pretty tough. *WINK*

I almost turned a "BLIND EYE" just due to the effort, but the second I do I'll get a Call from Some 16 year olds mom saying "Because of YOU My kid saw some Boobies and will grow up to be a Pervert and is now geting bad grades and will become a Garbage collector.." BLAH BLAH BLAH.

HEY TNTCB, I like you Sig, It should say :

"Give your Kids adult Joke Access and You'll know were to find them"

Hard Core BUST!!
Hey Moosie, Im 37 I promise. Can I take a look in there?
Its good to be back on here. I forgot how much fun this could be.
Not much of a computer geek and the only one I have access to right now is at work so you probably wont see much from me.
Uncle Sam really put it to me this time. I plan on being back in Alaska by this time next year (USAF retired). Making the best of Missouri while Im here though. Renting a place on 800 acres and Im the only one bow huntin it. Seen 1 really good buck and quite a few others. Havent stuck one yet. Want to try and hold out for the big boy I seen 2 days before it opened on the 1st.
Ill check on ya from time to time and let ya know what Im up to. Dont expect any picture cause I wouldnt have a clue on how to get em on here even if I had the equipment to do it with.
Goin on my first elk hunt 1 Nov with DS. Payback for his sheep last year.
Talk at ya later
You are just too smart for me moosie! but check the ip adress, i signed up on two diffrent computers for these two diffrent sign in names, i swerar, if i wouldnt have just admitted that, i could have probly got away with it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

This is th real splutter!

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