New Mexico Tag question

Jul 17, 2020
I put in for New Mexico Draw this year. I just found out My Dad bought a hunt in new mexico thru an outfitter and want to take my brothers and me.. My question is if i draw a tag in NM can i go on this outfitted hunt also as a Non resident? From what i found a person cant have a private tag and a draw tag in the same license year. Is this tag a voucher tag owned by the outfitter.
NO. You can only use 1 elk tag per year in NM.
Find out your dad's hunt particulars. Did he apply for you with an outfitter or is it a LO voucher type deal.
If you and he both applied for a hunt with your CID # G&F will frown on that and throw them can set up the LO voucher after the draw if unsuccessful in the draw.
I'd get it straight with dad 1st. While you can withdraw your application still. If need be.
I would double check on outfitter.
LO do not get vouchers issued until June, nor do outfitters listed as contact.
I also put in 4th choice archery NW. Is rthere leftover tags available after the draw?? My first 3 choices are 4 to 8 percent odds
Sounds like your dad bought himself a landowner tag and just wants you and your brother to go with him? You're free to accompany anyone on their hunt and it won't impact your tags (if you draw).
1 elk tag per year.

The LO authorization is not a tag until you “validate” it. If you already have a tag(because you drew one) I don’t believe it will let you validate the authorization, but if it does, you will be breaking the law.

Most outfitters have contracts with land owners for their land owner authorizations and the numbers don’t usually change much from year to year, so even if they don’t get them until June, they have a pretty accurate idea of what they’ll get. On top of that, most outfitters will put all of their clients into the draw in hopes of drawing a tag. By doing that, they get to guide every hunter they sold an LO authorization, but 5 of them drew, they can sell those 5 authorizations and guide 5 extra hunts. They then tell you that they are doing you a favor by giving you a chance to save by drawing instead of paying for the authorizations. While they will save you money if you draw, they aren’t doing it to help you, they’re using YOUR money to increase THEIR number of drawn hunters, and since their LO authorization number is fixed, their using YOUR money to increase the number of guided hunts they can sell.

Ask your dad if he booked you a hunt or if he booked you as a guest. If he booked your a hunt, call the outfitter for details rather than ask your dad for details. You’ll need to know if you need to withdraw an application before you have duplicates.

This highlights the one EASY change that NM could make to help the average public land hunter. If you go into the draw, you should be banned from purchasing a land owner authorization. Suddenly anyone planning to purchase an authorization exits the draw and boom, something like 15,000-20,000 fewer people are competing for draw tags.

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