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Sep 21, 2003
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IDduckhntr.. Welcome to Hunttalk. :)best site on the net and a lot of local boys from your area. :cool: Great looking buck you got there and one to be proud of congrats to ya! :D What kind of rifle you using there if I may ask? Looks like a pretty fat barrel on it.
Way to go duckhntr. Nothing wrong with that buck at all. Welcome aboard. Got any duck pics to show us? :D
Idduckhntr nice buck! I hope to fund one like that next week. Welcome.
Wanted to get my picture on the web!! This is a smaller buck by the standards here-but it is MY biggest yet! Want to let everyone know I enjoy this forum alot-it's cool to see the pictures/stories from Idaho!! Have been logging in for awhile-never posted before. Hopefully I did the picture stuff right !!
Thank you all for the welcome!!!
Ridge Runner-it is not really a "rifle", shotgun with a rifled barrel. I was in a short-range area. BTW-VERY impressive results, both accuracy(around 1 1/2" @ 100 yds and performance (dropped like a bad habit and didn't kick!!)
Glad to see that you finially posted the pic of your trophy!!! Was a great morning to say the least!!! Good on ya buddy!!
IDDUCKhntr..... I love the name
I love the location too :D

Just curious how ya found the best hunting site on the net ?!?!?

Also, thats a DAM fine buck, I like shooting forked horns and I'm proud of every one. And I'll post 10 pictures of each one

Welcome aboard Mr Local !!!! Nice deer, Congrats !!
Moosie- it's funny you ask how i found the site, because i remember it pretty well. Grayish (charcoal maybe) chevy pickup on State St around 6 months ago. i remember because i had been trying to find a more "local" hunting site-even thinking of trying to start one. It's nice to see Idaho hunters sharing stories/pics/info!!!
Did you have the out of State truck at the ITD parking lot and I had the Blue chevy ? Or did you just see someone with a Decal in the window.

I know how to hunt, Just don't have a good memory
Looks like Fast Eddy joined the Ranks too ?!?! MAn, Now I'll have to be carefull were I post my stories now. I'm sure everyone wants to find out my 3 point honey holes ;) (Althouigh that sounds Sexual, it wasn't
Moosie-whoever it was had "HUNTTALK.COM" in white letters on the windows?!?!!? BTW-your stories are safe with Fast Eddy, that's my Dad/hunting buddy/cameraman!!!
LOL... Sounds Good. It was a Blue Chevy.. Now it's a White Chevy :D

It was Mine but I "Upgraded". Are you a member of Deer hunters of Idaho ? Our banquet is in Feb. We should hook up for Lunch sometime. LEmme know, We'll swap lies or two !!
Sweet buck Duck! Welcome aboard! I hope to knock down one half that nice in a couple weeks! Again, nicely done and I'm looking forward to many more posts and comments from ya!
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