New guy from Wyoming


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Apr 2, 2015
Howdy, I just joined the forum after being on a few other hunting/outdoors forums and being somewhat dissatisfied with the content. I'm from Wyoming and am a elk hunting nut. Hope to glean some information. Thanks for having me.
welcome, lots of knowledge and info here to share and help each other be more successful
Welcome! I moved to Cheyenne this past winter. Great forum and from the sounds of it your already in the right place for Wapiti!
Cheyenne myself .... I do way more reading than posting here for sure. but welcome anyways lol
Thanks guys, It's too bad that I'm an old retired fart who doesn't know how to post pictures or I surely would. I'll try.
SBE, welcome!! You can get the hang of the pics pretty easy.....and we LOVE pics around here!!! Best of luck on the upcoming season.