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New bows

fla wolfeman

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Dec 25, 2003
Daytona Beach, FL
I will be in the market for a new bow for next fall, and have a general question.

The bows that are now built to shoot at 300+ fps, are these specifically designed to shoot carbon arrows, or can aluminum arrows be effectively shot with them? Thanks.
Absolutely. Most manufacurers advertise their bows as IBO speed rather than the older AMO rating. Basically, it sells better to have a bow rated over 300 fps using lighter carbon shafts than say 240 fps using heavier aluminum. However, the bow is the same, just a different way of advertising. Hope it helps.

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Thanks for the feedback. I've got enough invested in aluminum arrows to last for a few seasons, and didn't want to change to carbons if I acquired a faster bow. I've been looking at the PSE Firestorm Lite and Cabela's PL-1.
The faster bows may require you change arrows as well. The 'force' the bow applies much be matched to the spine (ie flex) of the arrow for good flight. At least that's how I understand it.
1 ptr - are you saying if I shoot alums, that I need, or may need, to change my arrows?
I currently shoot Easton XX75 2216's Gamegetter Lites with 100 grain broadheads. Thanks for the feedback.
You should be Ok with the arrows you have, assuming you are not going to change draw weight. The only thing that may affect your arrow choice would be a difference in cam style. Check the easton charts and see if your 2216's are still ok.
In reading the Easton charts in Cabela's, the chart shows a power wheel and a speed wheel. How do these wheels translate to the cam and cam+1/2 bows? Thanks.