Nevada draw results....

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
are not out yet!

However, an inside source told me if you applied online with a credit card, the charges will hit the card by Thursday afternoon. You can guess from the charges what the results are!

Meanwhile, I'm crossing fingers, toes, and testes for good luck.
I'm crossing my Fingers too T-bone.. Just in the Other Direction ;)

Seriously though, Good luck man !!
Since I only applied for two bull elk/long odds tags, if they charge me, I'll be happy.
I heard the drawing starts today , cards should be charged after all the tags are drawn . Let me know what you guys draw .
T-bone , I should be able to hear you scream from here .
They must be running late.....I see no charges on my card.....INCONCEIVABLE! No one else I've talked to has seen charges show up.
Must be a mistake, the only new charge on my CC is a big fat one from Cabela's
I hope that brown truck brings me a Nevada bull tag !
T, they must be saving the best for last, I hope you draw a tag, and one of us wins the power ball ! ( start holding your breath now )
What the heck?!!!!!!

I just made my round of calls to a half dozen friends. Nobody has seen anything.....I'm still confident I'll draw for deer, lopes, elk, sheep x 3, and goat.
Sorry T ,
What I meant was I checked three separate PIW boxes on the application , it's a $10 fee for each one . My card was charged for only two $10 fees , so I'm thinking the third was a successful draw . The power of positive thinking and crossed testes ! I'm goin scoutin!
Looks like I have no luck in NV. The don't show it should be too hard to pull an archery tag for deer in the units I put in for......Maybe I'll spend some time and effort into calling in a cougar this year..
Originally posted by T Bone:
Maybe I'll spend some time and effort into calling in a cougar this year..

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