Need some help with coyotes.


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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
I was thinking that a tanned coyote hide would look good in my room today. I then made up my mind that I am going to try to get one this year with my bow. But I have never ever even hunted coyotes. Do you think you guys could steer me in a path on how to get one?? What kind of call(s) to use? Should I use the same cover scent I use for deer hunting? Just any general info you could give is greatly appreciated. Oh yeah, I can't hunt at night because it's illegal here. So if any of you feel like helping a beginner out, please do!! Thanks!!

Here ya go Tk. Digest some of this infomation and you should know enough to get started. Then come on back and we'll help you with any other questions you have.

If you like to watch video, the video's by Randy Anderson and the Coyote God's video are the best how-to videos that I've seen.

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Thanks Doug, I don't want to spend a bunch of money for a call for them. About $25 is all I will spend for a call/video. I don't have to have a coyote, I just think it would look cool in my bedroom and that it would be a challenge trying to get one with a bow.
Heck I thought you had a birthday coming up here in a few days
. Go out and buy a rabbit in distress hand call at your favorite sport shop. After you call in your first coyote, that Idaho deer hunting will take a back seat. There's nothing more exciting than hunting the hunters.

A coyote with a bow is tough and a blast....
you will need 2 people.. one for calling and one for shooting, calling and shooting abow is hard with a hand call.. a electronic call is easier...

any boom box or tape play will work you just sit down play the tape and wait... Tapes run about 9 bucks.... if you can find a squeeker call(it a little clear bulb you squeeze it and it squeeks) tape that to your bow for when the yote is close.. just a little squeeze (when your at draw) to get his attention.. then release..... Remember coyotes are a heck of alot faster than deer and you need to release at the exact min he stops, cause once he see's you he is gone....

I still use a boom box when I call cause I am too cheap to by a 200 dollar caller(unless I am using hand calls, which I mostly use)

Heres a trick to use when bow hunting coyote you need to call him in then call him out a small dia. tubing about 30 or 40 yards tape a piece of cellophane to the end cover tubing with dirt put other end under your shirt after he comes in blow on the tubing he will turn and go to it, nows your chance
Here in the SOUTH
we take a 6' piece of 150lb wire leader and a BIG treble hook tie it off in a tree about 3 1/2 feet from the ground and bait it up with hotdogs and strips of bacon. Check it every couple of days and have a perfect coyote hide that only has holes in his mouth
Trophy Killer, I just moved back from a place called Elk City Idaho. Every coyote I saw was on the run, ( they get shot at alot and missed. )Getting one with a bow is not going to be easy if you ask me. If you really want one for your room use a rifle. Otherwise it's going to take you 10 years to get one with a bow, if you're lucky.
Flipper, I caught a coyote on a rod and reel down in Baja back in the early 80s. It fought better than any yellowfin tuna or marlin I've ever caught. I used a 6-0 Penn with 60 lb test, a 540 Saber, a treble hook with wire leader and a chunk of fresh meat. I fought it from the back of my truck at night as my friend held a light on it. That sucker was yepping, barking and howling all at the same time. It was kicking up dirt, rocks and brush, jumping over bolders and biting at anything in sight. When I finally got it to the truck my buddy was going to gaff it. I told him ....NO WAY YOU'RE GOING TO PUT THAT THING IN THE BACK OF MY TRUCK....I do believe we were the first to ever catch and release a coyote on a rod and reel.