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Aug 22, 2002
What headlamps do you have, do you like them, are they bright enough. I am looking at LED style and dont know what would be bright enough.
I have the old style Petzl Zoom (4.5v) and I like it very much... it is pretty much the standard among climbers. (and may be found dirt cheap on closeout now)

They now offer it in a 6v version that is said to be brighter and doesn't need proprietory batteries (the 4.5 also has a battery tray that'll hold three AAs, but it's always home when my batt dies, and I've actually lost one).

I personally don't like LED light for travelling, they are great around camp, or reading, but not for hiking.

I would go with the best of both worlds... buy a headlamp such as the Zoom 6v, and buy a replacement triple LED (they can be purchased in a few different places, lemme do a little research and I'll get back to you on that...).

This way you can screw in whichever light suits your needs and make your batteries last longer, by using the LEDs as much as possible. (the Petzl has a place onboard for the spare bulb)

There are a couple companies offering "duos" a single headlamp that has both types of bulbs already in it, ready to go... just flip the switch... and either (and I think in some cases both) light comes on.
The cost of these outweighs the advantage (imo), you can often buy a single stage light and a replacement bulb for a lot less, but you don't have "flip a switch" convenience.
Your choice.

Just like I told TK, consider me your personal advisor look around and lemme know what you've got you eye on. Feel free to call on me with whatever other questions you might have too.

I hope this helps,

I had a Petzal 6 volt. It was a great light
for hiking up the mountains in the morning, but it was a bit heavy, and took a lot of batteries.My buddy bought a black diamond
led, the one with the 4 lights. The sucker is
really light, and uses 3 aa batteries. The cool thing is the amount of light it puts out. Another plus is you get 70 hours of light out of a set of batteries. Thats a lot
better then the 10 hour life of the Petzal.
I own and recommend a Princeton Aurora,
$ 28.00
also look at the Petzl Tikka both about the same I use mine all the time, bright with 3-LEDS and uses AAA batteries, h2m
Actually the coolest cheap headlamp I know of is my nephew's "cave boy light"...

I'd forgotten all about it 'til h2m mentioned the Princeton Tech stuff (good stuff by the way).
He loved to play with my Zoom but it was heavy for him and I worried about it... so one day in the camping dept. at Wal-Mart I spotted this kids headlamp. Cool clear colored plastic, krypton bulb, the two AA batteries last for an unbelivable amount time... but best of all 5 bucks!!!

It will fit most adult heads (I've borrowed it myself) and is lightweight if that's what your looking for. I've considered one as back-up for mine.

Just a thought on headlamps, I thought I'd add to the fray.


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The Petzl Zipka is a compact featherlight LED lamp. It'll rival any light I have tried. No problems getting me home in the dark either. In fact late last September while packing two goats off of a mountain the sun had set, and my partner and I found ourselves a mile from our tent in complete darkness at 7000' on slick, steep, dangerous slopes. We dropped our meat and trophies and stepped it up to camp. My partner forgot his light, but with me several paces behind him, he had no problem making his way to the far peak our tent was perched on. One thing I try and do is to purchase gear that uses all the same battery size, thus I only have to ever pack one size spare batteries. There are a number of gear sites that rate different items. Surf around the net for a better consensus. You can start off with


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Ovis the petzle sucks compared to the princeton aurora. For the same price you get the same leds,brightness,battery life, size, but... its waterproof, has a electronic switch with 3 intensities for way longer battery life when you dont need the High setting, and its hinged to adjust the aim.
Basicly its the petzle with huge upgrades.
Like anything else it will be outdated too in a year.....
I got one and its awsome.
I use a Kathmandu has choice of 1 or 3 leds or 1 halogen illumination weighs nect to nuthin and waterproof, bout 100 hours with 3 triple a's and the leds have enough illumination for night shootin possums outa the trees up to about 30 metres cost me $20 usa.
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