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Jun 9, 2002
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My wife informed me when I was looking for my binoculars the other day that when she took them to a concert last year that someone had stolen them from her. :mad: I wont go into the "discussion" that followed. Any-who, I need to see if I can find a decent set of 'nocs cheap. I dont have the money right now to dish out as much as I did for the pair that was "misplaced" by my wife :mad: If you all could give me some suggestions of good brands/off brands that I could look for on Ebay I would apprectiate it.

To some people, $100 is an expensive pair of bino's. To others, anything less than $1000
is too cheap to consider. Tell us what price range your were considering ?
Right now, some of the "on-line" optics sellers have a sale on the discontuined 40mm Nikon ATB line of binoculars. 8X40 for around $225 and 10X40 about $250. These are VERY good glass for the mney. Pentex has a rebate ($100)on there DCF waterproof binos, I looked through Calif. Hunters and they were great. Another good deal on a top of the line binocular is the older style Ziess, Cabalas has em at about $699 ( last year they were selling for almost a thousand bucks.
At the lower end of the price spectrum, Nikon "action" seires sell for around $130, this is very cheap for any bino useing "BAK 4" prisam glass
I am definately looking lower end of spectrum :( Right now, I am looking on Ebay for some good deals. If anyone goes on there and sees something worthwhile, I would apprectiate a heads up. I know you get what you pay for, but right now, other priorities take front seat...(20month old). I still need to get some before deer season tho. So the cheaper the better ;) Basically around $100.

most of the older Zeiss have brilliant optics, I got some Q1 dele somethings for $USA120 on ebay from Munich Germany as spares, they now my preferred glasses incredible clarity and great low light capability, don't just look at ebay america as the bids tend to go higher than in europe and postage is bugger all.
Lip ripper,
I know what your going through money wise.
I bought a pr of cheap simmons 8x32 compact last year and they worked okay for the $20 I spent @ walmart.
However, they do not allow you to spend much time looking through them. they make your eyes water and burn and can only be used for short periods.
Buy the very best you can afford and look for multi coated lenses. The ones mentioned in earlier post bak?? are decent.
I too am looking for another pair, for long range glassing.
Good luck.
Yard Sales!

I have gotten several pairs of binos at yard sales for .50-$2 a pair. If I lose them, who cares, if they break, so what. I have a nice pair of Minolta 8x42 binos that I got this year for $2 and a decent pair of Bushnell for 50 cents and a compact pair of Nikon's for 50 cents. I have gotten both compacts and full size.

Yard sale binocs have gotten me by for years and I just bought myself a good pair of Swarovski SLC 10x42 binos yesterday. They were a long time coming, but I finally got a good pair of binocs.
You old yard dog.
you do a lot of shopping like my wife and I.
I find a lot of fishing stuff from yard sales.
Thanks for reminding me of my favorite shopping center.
Ripper, check out They have two different pair of 10X42 roof Prism Bausch and Lomb binos on sale for less than $100.00

You should be able to find something that works.

LipRipper, I bought two pair of Pentax 16x60 on eBay, They came from the Ebay store "Camera land". In New York City. They retail for $360.00. I got them for $179.00 delivered to my front door in Idaho. Thay also have Pentax 10x50 and 10x60. Good Luck, Tom:rolleyes:
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