Need a good bullet for 300 win mag


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Dec 8, 2003
This past hunting season I should have got a bull elk I had two chances but my bullets are hittings small branches and deflecting I don't know where. One bull wasn't more than 65 yards away and my bullet didn't get there I saw a branch moving in my scope after I shoot I couldn't believe it. I need to find a good reload that can auger through some small branches does anyone have any good reloads.
IMO any bullet going 3000+ fps will be affected by branches or twigs.

From my limited experience any good 150-200 grain .308 bullet going from 2500 - 3400 fps will kill elk all day.

Can't help on shooting through brush.
Wapiti, you're joking, right?
That was funny, I got a good laugh out of it...thanks!
The ONLY thing that I have seen go through brush with out deflection is a quad .50, but that is not too portable. As far as a hunting rifle goes, ANY bullet will deflect, round nose or spire point- fast or slow. Makes no difference. There is no such thing as a "brush buster"!
The "brush bustin' bullet" is a myth. No such critter exists. Any projectile travelling at any velcity that strikes any object will suffer some type of trajectory modification. It will deflect. The best way to avoid it, is to choose your shots wisely.

I have seen .50 cal Brownings cut brush right well...
Of course, it had more to do with the steady stream of projectiles rather than an uncanny ability to resist deflection...
...but CH, after the first 15 or 18 rounds, there probably wasn't any brush to deflect the rest.. it was all an optical illusion..

I wish I was joking but it's true I'm glad I brought a laugh to someone but I wasn't laughing that day. My neighbor I went out hunting today and he showed me what a barnes x bullet will go throught. So I think I found my brush buster bullet or I'll have to take out my old 45 70.
their is an old myth that round nose bullets especially heavy ones bust through brush better than fast pointy ones.Fact is if you shoot through trees don't expect the bullet to stay on coarse or intact.No matter what you shoot.Get a clear shot,or don't shoot.
I'm sorry but don't blame the bullet for poor shooting on your part. There is no such bullet out there that is a brush buster any bullet will deflect upon hitting a limb. I would suggest you start slecting the shots you take instead of taking unclear shots through the brush.

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If you want a 'good' bullet for a 300, one that will take Elk, Mulies, Moose and such then you won't go far wrong with a Nosler 180-200 gr Partition.

If you want a "Brush Buster" (aside from a Euclid Bulldozer), invest a BaZillion $$ into a lab and figure out something I can stuff into my 7mm/08, 7Mag, 308, 44, 338 and I'll help ya recoup your money, in spades!!!!
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