My sons first big game animal......


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Nov 24, 2003
Here is a pic of my son and his first big game animal. He took this deer yesterday afternoon on a hike after spotting them feeding near the top of the mountain. We worked around up a draw and my brothers in-law went up as we saw a spike buck in with this one and others. We got within 100 yds before this one jumped up and ran out. This one is a fawn and the doe ran up the hill. My son shot this one threw the front quarters. This was the 4th deer he actual got to shoot at. It was a great time with him as he did not complain one time about any hiking we had to do. He was willing to go threw anything he had to, to shoot at a deer. He even would go check to see if he hit it. I was really proud of him and now he is anxious for this weekend for his 4 day elk hunt I have planned for him. Should of seen his face after that deer went down. He was as happy as if he shot the biggest buck. It was awesome seeing him in the field with me. He took everything in stride and he will make a great hiker and packer.LOL But here is his pic of him and his deer. I am very proud of him for wanting to hunt with me and being there with him.
Way to go.
It's great seeing these younger hunter's out in the field .
Good for you for taking him out with you.

:cool: :cool:
Congrats to your son on a great looking deer...I know how proud you are of him...I remember when my daughter Quick Draw shot her first deer :D My wife still hasn't go all the buttons back on my shirt yet :D :D Congrats again...

Another great father/son hunt story. I hope you have many more and when you are too old to haul those elk quarters down the mountain, hopefully you will have this guy paying you back. ;)
Thanks everyone and I enjoy seeing everyone else's pics with there kids also.
I was pretty worried about hiking with him this deer season as I did take him up with me on the bear hunts and he didnt like the hiking before he got to hunt. Now that he gets to shoot he about wore me out with wanting to hike after anything and everything. It was great the first time he saw some deer on opening day. He got so excited about seeing the deer and then when he shot he said." Dad my heart was going so fast I could hardly breathe." I told him welcome to the great sport of hunting. Now i think I have him hooked as every night home he was wanting me to go back out. He got shots as I said 3 times before this doe. Total 3 shots at doe's and 1 shot at a 3x3. He didnt care if it was buck or doe. he justed wanted to get one. He had alot of energy. I and my brother where very impressed at him not caring to go up any and all hills after them. The only thing my brother said was to make sure next time I tied knots in his boots as they came untied 3 times on the way up after this doe. Damian is going to be a great asset to this sport as he always heard me tell everyone that if you shoot you go look to see if you hit it and he pushed me into it as I acted like I didnt want to to see if he would go and every time he went down and over the next hill. Even if it was a long way out of that hole.
Thanks again to everyone for the kudo's for my son as he really thinks these sites are awesome and loves seeing everyones great animals and seeing all of you with them. He told me to tell you all that but I put it into my words.
Thats the best hunting a guy can do, spend it with his kid. I cant wait
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