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My sons 2002 bull


Nice bull, congrats.
Moseley and i had hunted this bull and two other bigger bulls all bowseason. lots of sightings but never got them stuck. on opening day of rifle season we knew where they would be. as we snuck in on them mose spotted them he really wonted the biggest bull witch was a big 7x8 and there was a great 6x6 with the herd this bull we called the small 6x6.
when Moseley spotted them he motioned to me to come over but i kind of wonted him to do it alone so i told him to work in on them and i'd catch them as they came back to the quakies.
i headed threw the trees and Mosely crawled threw the sage brush. when he was about 200 yards away a cow spotted him. the two bigger bulls were still over the hill but this one gave him a shot.
hard to belive we ever called this the small 6x6. it scores 342". the cows and some raghorns came by me but the big ones headed back the way they came.
thats my boy age 16.
another hunter got the big 6x6 it scored 377 and the 7x8 was bigger yet.
Yeah, nice fricking bull. I'm sure you got alot of thumbs up going down the highway.
That is one nice fella your son got, major kudo's to him... :D
Thanks for the pic and the story... :D :D :D
he came off the mountan and right to his high school to show it off the whole school came out to see it.
yes we did get chased down the hiway by folks checking it out
Moseley wrote a story about the hunt and won first place in young authors at school.
I'm as proud of that as i am his getting the bull.
he is now 18 but he is still my best friend.
jenny is giving me some compitition now but she said i can have him back for hunting season.
I'll see if he will post his story someday

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