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My New (to me) Remington 750 .30-06


Apr 2, 2023
Recently acquired this Remington 750 in .30-06, and fitted it with a Leupold VX-R 4-12x 50 Firedot that I had laying around. I also added a Mcarbo trigger spring giving it a 3.5# trigger pull. This rifle is in like new condition, and shoots very well. When I was young, my Dad and I both had Remington 742's in .30-06, so this rifle is a real "blast from the past", as it is very similar. Pictured are my last 2 shots at 100 yards using Federal Terminal Ascent 175 grain ammo.
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I had a onee in 35 Whelen Carbine a few years back. I shot several handloads in it, it was super accurate also. It was "world's better" than the 740s and 742s I grew up around. Well, I meant the ones in 30-06, all the short action 308s and 6mms were fine.
I also had a Model Four (Fancy 7400) in .270 that was just as reliable/accurate. Sold it to my Aunt (yes, for cheap!) down in Texas. I doubt she ever hunted with it, she just liked the idea of a nice rifle around camp, lol.
Looks nice. I always wanted to try something like that but almost everything is either made backwards or has the safety in the wrong spot.
Looks like a really nice gun built back in the day when quality control was at its best! You can't beat an old fashion 30-06 made by Remington. Every shot I read about, made by the new more powerful guns, can easily be made by a 30-06. A 30-06 can kill anything you can afford to hunt! I too own an old fashion Remington 700 CDL 30-06. However, because of my advanced age (69) and physical issues, I've added a clamp-on muzzle break to mine making it my favorite hunting rifle once again.
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