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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
OK here goes... Haven't packed yet, but threw this list together last night... LEMME know If I'm missig anything (Besides the sink ;))

BAckpack (Camo)
bag (Camo)
light blanket

Underwear 5
Shirts 3
Long socks 8PR
short sox 4PR
Poly LOngs 3
Under shirts ins. 2
gloves 2PR
Boots (Pair)

Vari PAnts 3
Light pants 2
Licht Long shirts 2
wool vest 1
jacket (W.P.) 1
head gear 2
caps (wool) 2

Reg cloths:

hard bow case
empty shotgun case
24 arrows
24 broadheads
2 releeses
fold out hip blind

Flashlight mag
Flashlight head

Other littles:
clock (Wake up)
3 bateries
digi camera
10 disks
reg. camera
cords for camcor.
cords for phone
cords for digi cam
batteries (AA) 12
Boot seal

Credit Card / ID
Money (CASH)
Hunters Ed card
Plane ticket
bear hunting info
cell phone
poker cards
List of #'s

Hunttalk Items:
STUFF if anyone wants me to bring w/ logo

Bathroom stuff:


WELL.. THATS my list, Pretty much to a tee if someone wantsto rob me to see what they'll get :D
Thompson will accept out of town checks but doesn't do the credit cards himself. Bank machines here give cash but you need your card code. Its like 50 in the morning and 80 in the daytime now.

That's a big list. You won't wear all those socks.

I also thought of this, a face mask, that would be good. The blinds at Thompson's are pretty open and a facemask would help. Your fold out hip blind probably covers you there though. I can't wait to see that! A fold out hip blind, wow, that must be a awesome thing.

You have Walkie-talkies, I have some to bring, we'll see if they work. :cool:

Things NOT on my list.

BAckpack (Camo)

light blanket

Underwear 5 2 not 5
Shirts 3 1/day is good.
Long socks 8PR 2 not 8
short sox 4PR 2 not 8
Poly LOngs 3 It hot here, 50-80!
Under shirts ins. 2 leave them.
gloves 2PR 1 light pair for camo.

Vari PAnts 3 1.
Light pants 2 1.
Licht Long shirts 2
wool vest (if its your lucky vest, ok.)
jacket (W.P.) 1
head gear 2
caps (wool) 2 cotton not wool.

Reg cloths:

hard bow case
empty shotgun case Huh, ?
24 arrows maybe 5 will do.
24 broadheads

fold out hip blind (wish I had one though)
Other littles:
Boot seal (snake chaps more appropriate but not needed)


I guess you didn't like the other list, eh?

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Why so many pairs of underwear? One pair is good for 2 days if you turn them inside out.
Don't forget your roll of quarters.... ;)

I'm not bringing long underwear. I wore it last year in January, and was stripping down and sweating by 9 AM. (But I'm naturally "well-insulated") Most of the survival stuff can be left at home...maybe bring a compass, but if you don't show up, we'll find you.

Camo shirt & pants
T-shirts (4)
Thin socks (4)
Thick socks (4)
Camo "bomber jacket"
Jeans (2)
Camo Day pack and normal contents*
Mini-mag light
Spotting scope
Cash, checks and plastic

*normal contents = moleskin, compass, lighter, space blanket, string, zip-ties, etc.)
How about hunters Orange. for when you up and moving around so one of you don't get shot.
But I can bring my first aid kit just in case.
The A-frame is right inside the front gate along the fence. Its hard to get lost. Go up, if you go up, you'll see where you are, you'll hit all the roads at the top, then you can come back to camp. If you get lost there, you probably can't use a compass, that's one way to look at it. We don't have a topo map. Maybe I'll look for one, I don't have coordinates though. I'll look.

Here's my guess
Target is UTM 14 405734E 3304164N - JO JAN VAN CAMP quad Put that in at, I think its the road that dad deadends at Thompson's gate. The big hill a litle north of there is the hill top at his place. Its like one square mile, that road is a southern boundary, another is a mile north, then the east and west boundary I don't remember but it goes more to the west I think than the east.

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ive hunted with mooise and 5 pairs of underware isnt near enough, he adds a whole new meaning to "grunt tube" and just wait until he "bugles", ya might want to be downwind of the boy!
:D :D
The bridge accross the Nueces river in Vance, just 4 miles from the ranch gate, is right at river level. We can wash clothes there.

Some kind of ram ewe scent would be awesome if we could get it. Those rams there are stocked and there's way more males than females. Man, if we had ram ewe scent, wow! Why haven't they thought of that, I guess because there are so many of them rams around?
Are there any ewes there? I think it's all rams that he stocks, so if you were to wear some "l'eau d'ewe," you might be surprised... (then again, some of you may like that.... :eek: )

On second thought, this could be a plan. Who is willing to dress up in the come hither yarn and burlap "ewe" costume in order to attract the rams? ;) (Not me!)
It will look Exactly the same.. !!! I started packing tonight and FILLED MY bow case up first, then the duffle bag... HELL, I go plenty of room in the Suitcase now, Even with my full frame pack stuffed inside

Socks I don't skimp on... I can deal with Less undies.. BUT I'm used to but loads of hikeing.. I want my "PIGGIES" covered with a fresh pair of socks daily... AND, I wear 2 par of socks in my boots.....

WELL..... ONE more night of packing and I'll be done
Todays only Monday right ?!?!?!? :D :D
The sausage is ready, I go pick it up today. I should have a link of it for everybody, its good breakfast, lunch, or dinner and you can carry it around without refrigeration, it just gets real hard in about a week if not in the freezer. It will be good for the hunt!
TOM?? dang son.. if i would have told that about my sausage?? takes a week eh?? Good grief. Keep in freezer eh? Shakey?? you writing all this info down?

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