My first sagegrouse!


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Dec 20, 2000
I was able to get two tags for sagegrouse in Rich Co, UT for this fall. Due to hunting deer in WY I wasn't able to get out until the last day. John agreed to help me find some birds with his dog. After a bit of just shooting, I finally knocked down a @#)(#. 'Twas hoping for a mountable bird, but it was a bit alive when the dog got to it so it lost a few feathers.

Here's John and I with the bird:

Here's John's dog doing it's job:
It is good to see you got your bird! That must be a young bird. It isn't very big for a male. Let us know how it tastes

Congrats on the bird Tyler. Did you see any normal sized ones? ;) Did you get into quite a few? Can you still fill the second tag? Do you know where I can find a big mule deer in WY? :rolleyes: ;)
Congratulations. One of the problems with the early sage grouse seasons is that the plumage on the birds is never very good and they're not very good for mounting. Best time to get a bird for mounting is after December 1 when they've had more time to develop feathers. Did you eat that bird yet? I bet he's tender! ;) Seriously, any sage grouse is a good trophy. You're having a great hunting season. Keep up the good work!
Yes, he was a young bird. And yes he tasted good (marinated in Italian dressing them floured and pan fried)
Call me nuts, but I like the taste of sagegrouse, at least the two I ate this week were good. We put up about 40 birds in 1.5 hrs, but many where flushing out of range. According to John, the dog was not having a good day, but I couldn't tell. We were hunting in a 5-6yr old seeding that has islands of sagebrush left through out them, great sage grouse habitat.
:confused: You need a TAG to shoot sage hens? We can and do get to shoot three a day.I cook our Bommers in a pot of water simmer for two days with a rock then dump the water out and eat the ROCK!
Moosie- What's wrong with that hat! It does have a few miles on it.

D- Yep, there are four areas in UT that have sagegrouse seasons and a person can get two one bird permits for one area. The season lasts 9 days.

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