My First Bear some years ago


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Nov 21, 2001
It was in Nipigon Ontario
envelope...haha...that means it is tagged and legal

this ones hair was so thick, it was nearly impossible to dig through it and find his skin.

And it stands in my den walking up a log through a stream life size.

with all the talk of how much everyones bear weighs........well guess what you think on this one???
A log and stream in your den? Where the hell do you live, in the fores? You have the best den in the world ;)

I will say 83 1/2 pounds.
geeeeeeeeez Elkhunter it was a small bear.......but not that small :rolleyes:

your not even close

maybe I should have took that famous know sitting beeeeeehind it :D
Hey at least I took a stab at it. Where are all the guestimaters now? Maybe you should have posted this in the 400 pound liars thread.

OK, ok, ok......If I am allowed another guess I will say 101.75 pounds ;)
Great bear flipper...Nice going!!!! :D
I think his den must be part of the cabela's show case with the live trout stream and all....LOL!!! :D
So do you thinkhe caught those fish in his den and then took pictures. Are you saying he stocks his den? :eek: Is that to fishing like a canned hunt is to hunting? :D
I would think so..... :mad::mad::mad:
Just kidding....

I won't slam him fishing in his den...That would actually be a very cool thing to be able to do in the winter when things were slow......

It doesn't look any bigger than the 97 pound Golden Retriever I had :confused:

Well anyway you slice it, you gat a bear and I have not, so my hat is off to you FLIPPER and congrats again.

Are you sure it was 151? ;)
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