My Elk hunting spot... can you tell where it is?


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Dec 17, 2000
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A little thing I whipped up in ArcMap. This is where I've been hunting the last few years and where I'll be again this year. Maybe Moosie will give a hat or something to the first person to identify this spot???

I don't know how specific you want, but my guess is somewhere between Kremmling and Walden?

ColoradoOak... You are quite close on one end.

WYTim... Yeah I can zoom in or out as much as I want with the GIS software, but posting a bigger image to a photo hosting site has been an issue. But you are right.... this area looks like an awfull lot of areas in the west.

I wouldn't expect anyone to be able to name where it is unless they guessed often or have been there.
With the species you are seeeing. It must be the North Park area around Walden. Give us some more hints. Is this private/public, how far from the nearest road.
I would say the northeast portion of the flat tops.....but I also wouldn't expect you to confirm it ;)
ArcMap is the primary component of ESRI's GIS suite of software. It is not free on the net... actually it is very expensive. However, there are lots of other freeware apps available on the net that, although much less powerful, can do some stuff with digital cartographic data, images, etc....

This area is public land. Our camp is on a road, although not much of one. The nearest main dirt road is only about 1/2 mile as the crow flies, but more like 4 miles driving.

This area is not in the Flattops, but is near Walden.
Is that Grizzly Creek I see running through from top to bottom (north to south I assume). Or would it be the Colorado River kinda south of Steamboat?
Forest road 409 I the west and north......I forget the name of the little creek ;) ......been there, done that :D
Nope, DS... this is not on or near FR409. Thankfully, as I think that area might be burning right now.

But, between you and a couple others.... its getting as close as I want to get.... ;)
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