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My Big Boar-2000

Wild Willy

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Nov 20, 2001
The Dalles Oregon
There I was..... Standing on the Hill-side...
Looking at a rock that I had never noticed befor???...The rock started walking-HEY! Rocks dont move-Looked through the Bino's and noticed it was a Bear-watched him for about 10 min. Realized it was a Boar-Due to the Potty action- Leveled on the chest -about 200 yards-touched off the round-he leaped forward-dashed about 50 yards swatted a poor inocent little oak tree-brakeing it into two pieces, My knees clanged together, (rapidly)-My first thought was-You Dumby, why did you do that. Then at about 75 yards I could see him laying there looking back towards me-I waited about 15 min. he didnt move-so I moved down the hill-circled around behind him-snuck up tossed a BIG! rock at him and hit him in the butt with it-he didnt move so I got real bold-snuck up and poked him in the butt with the barrel of my rifle-then I got realy realy bold and kicked him real hard in the Butt-he didnt move on that -so I knew he was Mine-then I got excited-he was around 450 lbs-Thats what I was told-the carcass with out the hide, head ,and gut's weighed 211 lbs in the freezer, I know I could hardly move him by myself. Is what made this hunt so special was I built the rifle I was useing and it was my first year reloading my own ammo.He nows stands proudly on the display in my loading/Fly tieing-fishing/Hideing room.

I fixed it.. ALL it needed was a in the front !!

NICE BEAR BRO !!! Looknig foward to hooking up with ya soon in Boise!!!
Nice bear!!! I can't wait until May!!! This'll be my first year chasing them. Just hope to get one that weighs as much as me!!! :D That might be pretty hard, I'm kinda fat :eek: but I'm gonna try!!! Again congrats! I'd like to hear about the rifle you built. That's on my list of things to try.
Great story WW. Did ya get much bruised meat after hitting him with rock, poking him with your gun and kicking him in the butt? :D J/K, enjoyed the story and the great picture. Congrats.
Dang Bill that Bear is down right Handsome,
CONGRATS Pard, done good Bill. I'll be looking for a steak at Sgt. place come June.


Bear? I didn't see a bear. Wait I need to look at that picture again.
Oh yeah now I see it. Yes that is a mighty fine bear you got there Bill. I am proud for you. ;)

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