My big 10 point!!!!!


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Jun 22, 2001
Darren and I got to our spot and set up by a old trail and went down a few feet down the hill to set up by a tree we sat their for a hour and a half befor getting cold and stiff so we went up to the to walk to try and warm when we got to the road we stood there for a few min befor darren said listen when I turned there was a buck standing there it did't have a wide spred but it had a lot points with a tall spread so we waited to see if it would cross the trail but it never did and it took of in the other direction and I was upset for not getting a shot off. so Darren and I was trying to figure out if we should set up again or take a walk .we took the walk till we got to fork in the trails and i look down the fork where it starts and tell darren this looks like a good spot he told me to quiet down because he was hearing something. i turn around and i see a deer moving through the brush. i got ready to take the shot at it when it came out of the brush. it was a doe i lifted the rifle i put the cross hairs on her and i pulled the triger and nothing happen and i kept pulling the trigger while darren keep saying shoot!! shoot!! i brought down to gun and i flip the safty the wrong way
so i flip it the other way and the next thing i knew another deer came out and it was a buck so i raise the rifle agian but did't shoot at first for it was moving and i'm still hearing darren saying shoot!! shoot!!when it stop i squeezed the trigger and the rifle finly went off when the buck started to run i knew i broke the leg because we could see him draging it. the buck was only 15 yards away when all happen so we went up to where the buck was standing to see it if there was blood while we where looking for blood another buck came with in 10 yards about 10 min later another buck came and was 10 yards away the one side only had 4 points whil the other side had only a nub will darren and i was talking and turn around and there was another buck and it was about 4 to 5 yards away the deer saw us at the same time and took off then stop but darren could't get a shot off all he could see was the horns if he was standing where i was he could have got a shot then we finly started to track the a few yards befor darren saw it ran down there and the buck just got bigger the closer we got and most the deer came right after i shot

we called meathead and youngrobinhood and then went to get Dad. we told him that I got another small deer.

i want to say thank you to Darren for all his help


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Dec 30, 2000
Congrats! very nice deer....and a great story....i bet ol dad is proud!....JB


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Aug 22, 2001
Henderson, KY
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>i want to say thank you to Darren for all his help.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>He says that because he doesn't know that I was about to knock him over and shoot that animal myself.

He also forgot to mention how I entered the high fence through the gate, used my ATV to herd the deer into the corner, and tied him to the fencepost with a rope. I then brought him in to put the stalk on him.

In seriousness, here's my side of the story, starting with the after-shot. We could tell by the way the front leg was flopping that he'd hit the buck. We immediately went to where the deer was standing at the shot to look for sign...all we found was a couple of drops of blood. I tried to put a stiff upper lip on it for TE, but I was worried inside that he had just broken a leg and hadn't hit anything vital.
We sat down to wait for a while to give the buck time to lay down and die (just in case).

When we got started tracking, I tied a piece of orange tape everywhere we found blood...all we found was a drop here, a drop there. No large splashes or puddles. TE pointed out that we were seeing blood on both sides of what we deemed to be the path he took, which was a good sign of a passthrough shot, but I still worried. By the way, TE found as much blood as I did, or more...there's a reason he's called TurkeyEye!

We followed the blood for a few yards, and then got to a point where we could see down into a shallow draw. There the buck lay piled up, with his head pointing back uphill. Undoubtedly he had leaped into the draw and his broken leg gave way, tumbling him down into the bottom. He'd only gone 25-30 yards, max. We just couldn't see the bottom of the draw from where we stood at the shot.

Upon field dressing we discovered the reason we didn't get much blood at such an obviously thorough shooting. After crunching the shoulder, TE's bullet had torn off the top half of the heart.
All the blood was pooling inside and never saw the out-of-doors. We found a neat .277 entrance wound and an exit wound about the size of a nickel or so.

TE and Little Nut both deserve credit for their attitudes...I firmly believe that either of them would have been as happy as a hog in slop with a nice doe. Nut has taught them that any deer is a good deer, and it shows. Little Nut stuck with me the rest of the weekend (I think he got the impression that I was the good luck charm when it was really his big brother
), but unfortunately it wasn't to be. But he didn't complain a bit, and was as excited as his dad when Nut shot his doe. The little bugger was even going to drag that doe out of the bottom of a ravine if we let him!

YoungRobinHood deserves mention here, too...he stuck with his big-hearted dad all weekend but never got an opportunity. He never did anything but smile and be the consummate Southern gentleman that he is. He obviously knew his stuff when it came to hunting. Next year I'm going to force his dad sit him in one of the "good" spots (ha ha, as if I could force Meathead to do anything).

Lessee...was that all the kids? Oh, yeah, Flipper.
I'll let him tell his own tales, but anyone who would let 3 or 4 deer go by so someone else could shoot them has to have something decent down in that rough exterior somewhere.


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Aug 2, 2002
NW Ohio
Great job TurkeyEye!!! Sounds like you all had a great hunt together. Only problem is, now I'm thinking I may have to cross the river and see what all this Kentucky Whitetail business is about

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