Mulie taken by TCHunter


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
As we weree heading to a different local for elk last Saturday, TCHunter was able to score on a nice mulie about 8:00 in the morning.



There are still some more in there. Saw two the other morning but was not able to shoot. They were about 800 yards out and I had just lost a screw from my rifle, the one that is just behind the trigger guard, not a good thing. It is a ridge top with some nice deer and used a lot by elk.
Nice buck TChunter....

Welcome back elkhunter, sounds like you guys had a good time...
Had a great time excpt for being sick. Woke up Monday after sleeping for 10 hours, ate, and slept for another 2 hours. Then rode the horse down the road to help a friend get out his 40" moose.
Goooooooood Buck TC Hunter...

Bill, hope you're feeling better....

Elkhunter didn't screw his rifle.. Hmm.. Do you have another one?? If not, I've probably got some.. Let me know..

Thank you all for the congrats, but thank you Elky for once again being a great friend and helping me become a better hunter. Without your help, this buck could have been still out there instead of on my wall. Thanks, and by the way, I have your antelope skull at the house, or what's left of it when you want it. :D :D :D