Mulchatna Caribou & Black Bear Hunts

Bill Hefner

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Dec 17, 2000
St. Petersburg, FL USA
March 30, 2001

SUBJECT: Alaska Caribou & Black Bear Hunt Availability

My Alaska outfitter buddy, Tony Lee called me last week before he left for spring bear camp and said he only has about a dozen openings left for unguided, outfitted, drop camp caribou and black bear hunts for this August and only 3-4 left for early September. All his guided hunts are booked.

The area is Unit 17, which is in the middle of the Mulchatna drainage. For the last 10 years Tony has maintained 100% success on unguided caribou hunts. Last year it dropped to 98% because they had the worst weather in over 10 years.

His prices for these hunts are really very affordable. A non-resident big game hunting license is $85. Caribou tags are $325 each and a black bear tag is $225. Many of the black bear in this area get as big as interior grizzlies and Unit 17 has plenty of them with most averaging 7 ft and some up in the 8 ft. range. Also if you go, get a couple of wolf tags at $175 each because they’re everywhere and are killing lots of yearling moose.

The following are prices for his STANDARD, Unguided, Outfitted, Drop Camp Hunts:
6-days - $1,500 per person
8-days - $1,800 per person
10-days - $2,100 per person
Non-residents can take 2 caribou (no trophy fees) plus a black bear (for a $300 trophy fee).

After you get to Iliamna from Anchorage you’re flown to a spike camp with dry tents, food, camp tools, propane stove & fuel, cooking & eating utensils, hide salt, cord & rope, toilet paper, water jug, etc.

Or, if you want the DELUXE, Unguided, Outfitted Drop Camp Hunt, those prices are:
6-days - $1,900 per person
8-days - $2,200 per person
10-days - $2,500 per person
14-days - $3,000 per person

The DELUXE camp requires a minimum of 4 hunters and a maximum of 12. The tents, big enough you can actually stand up in, have wood stoves, sleeping cots, plus there’s a cook tent with picnic table, utensils, lots of food, screened-in meat house, shower tent, camp tools, etc. and a 1,300’ air strip.

After you get your animal(s) back to main camp the cost for a meat haul back to Iliamna on an air taxi is $75 per caribou or black bear. From Iliamna to Anchorage the cost for shipping meat/trophy is $.32 per pound on Northern Air Cargo but they do NOT fly on Sunday or Monday, so plan accordingly. You’re on your own for butchering & taxidermy but there are excellent butchers and taxidermists in the Anchorage area you can be put in contact with.

So, if you or your hunting buddies are interested in one of these caribou hunts, e-mail me for details. If you e-mail Tony all of his e-mail is forwarded to me while he’s at spring bear camp until after mid-May.

Incidentally, he is suppose to call me via satellite phone directly from the kill sites in early April on his spring bear hunts and I’m going to e-mail this info to the 500+ names I have on my various mail groups. If you want me to add your name, please let me know.

Bill Hefner
St. Petersburg, FL
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