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MT NR Combo Tag Results

Thanks Nemont,every year since they began the online results, their computers crash, this year being no exception.

You'd think after the 4th or 5th straight year of the same old thing, they'd wise up! I guess thats asking an awful lot. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Nemont, I hear that, I was always suprised how far MT was behind everyone else when I lived there, glad to see it hasnt changed.

I would like to know if I drew a NR tag though...

You and I have talked on the phone. I think I'm screwed this year. :mad: I finally got into the site, and it says I have a bonus point. Thanks for your time on the phone. I 'll be applying next season.
I hope you get your elk permit!

I'm ready, I just recieved my packet in the mail with my speed goat and all my "A" type tags including bear, now just to wait and see about the sheep and moose... :D

I'm 99% sure I'm toast on the draw. I must have been one of the first dudes to get on site yesterday around 9 am. Anyway, I only got it to spit out my 1 bonus point once. I never got to the draw section. Could the site have put in a point first, and then drawn, or was all the drawing done before hand? Just looking for a speck of hope.
I got drawn too, third year in a row, with no points, I've never missed a year to acquire any.

Have a great time hunting with your Dad.
Hey Buzz, do you tape a fresh $20 bill to the app or what? Three years in a row, I've got friends who put in every year and only draw once every three or four years .
Buzz either has figured a way to beat the system or luck is on his side. Congrats and happy hunting Buzz. Have a good tim hunting with your father Horn Seeker.
I'm as shocked as anyone, I figured I'd be lucky to draw once in 3 years. That was the hardest part about moving from MT, the fear of not being able to draw a NR combo license very often.

I aint complaining about plucking tags the last 3 years though.
Wonder how long this lucky streak will last for you. Next year will tell the tale. ;) Bet you are making a lot of people jealous though. :D
Good going on the tags.
Every Year I applied for the NR combo I got it. So this year I decided I would only apply for a deer tag and save the $300 or so bucks. I did not draw.

Anyone got there refund check back yet?
Good luck on your endevours in Montana this year and I sincerily hope you all make out good..
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