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Feb 7, 2015
I had the opportunity to tag along with my father on his MT elk hunt last fall. We didn't fill the freezer, but we learned alot. My parents live in central MT so my brothers and I try to get out there and hunt with them as much as possible. We have very limited elk hunting experience, but we have had a great time trying to learn the game. My brother and I wanted to apply for the big game combo license this year and we were thinking about focusing our efforts in the 411,511,530,540 areas so we could be close to home base and see some family while we are there. I realize some of these areas are special draws for bulls, but we are meat hunting so I was just curious if we are on the right track for a central MT hunt? We will probably hunt both the archery and rifle season if need be. Any advice on this general area would be greatly appreciated.

Stay safe and best of luck
I think you're on the right track. That area can get pretty crazy at times especially during rifle season with the limited access (seems to be less every year).

I can only offer generic tips like get as deep as you can from any road or trail & scout early.
Mthunter is right on the access and get off the beaten path, with that I hiked back off that path 5 miles and seen no elk. The key is there needs to be water around. The area I was in had dry creeks all over it.
Thanks for the inputs. We will have some time to scout in July so we will come up with some sort of game plan. Best of luck in the draw process....its that time of year:)
Welcome to HT. I have hunted that area some, the key is lots of glassing, and talk to the area biologist and warden. often times they can point you in the right direction, especially if you are trying to fill a cow tag. also consider applying for a game damage hunt in one of the districts you mentioned, that is another good way to expand your options. Good luck and have fun
Thanks huntinfool. the biologist really helped us last yr. the elk just decided to stay in an area that was off limits. They won that battle😄 what I didn't know is if that was pure luck that we found they live there or were they passing through since it was late Nov. All part of the game of learning and exploring new areas.

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