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MT bonus point?


Well-known member
Aug 22, 2002
I am a little confused, maybe you MT guys can help me out. I got my refund today for my elk tag , and the stub says i have a preference point for next year. I also got a letter saying i can buy a bonus point for next year for 25$, what the hell is that??
Whats the difference between a bonus and preference point? do i need the bonus point to draw next year?


New member
Dec 27, 2000
I'm not a Montana guy, but .... it seems Montana uses the terms "preference point" and "bonus point" almost interchangeably.

In addition to the bonus point system in place for the general combination license drawings, beginning in 2003 Montana added a bonus point system for the special deer, elk and antelope drawing. This latter drawing is for special permit areas, anterless permits, and such. You can't enter the special permit drawing unless you successfully drew a general [read: combination] license. The 2003 regulations also say:
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Nonresidents that were unsuccessful in the combination license drawing should have received a form in the mail that would allow them to accumulate bonus points for special deer and elk permits.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

My thinking is: You applied for a general license, didn't get drawn but did receive a bonus point for future general license drawings. Not having drawn the general license, you can't apply for any special permits, which have a separate bonus point pool for those who fail to draw. But, if you want preference in a future special permit drawing, here's your chance to buy one of those bonus points.

... or something like that ...

- rgl