More SK bear pics from Lost River


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Jul 7, 2001
First off don't write a book and have too many pictures (>8). I won't let you post, refers you to hit the back button and then everything you wrote is gone. Gotta fix that one guys.

It was a good week and we ended up going 6 for 7 on bears.

Here is a shot of Snake River Rufus and his bear. It ended up being a dry sow, but it was hard to tell. She had a pig of a body. While Rufus’ ears were still ringing a nice colored bear came into the site. Bummer. This may have been the bear shot by Scott on the last night (see below). It was great to meet Mitch and I am looking forward to hearing about how his bear rug works out. Something about a stripper’s fantasy or something. Mitch opted for the beach camo during the pictures with guide extraordinaire Dustin, but it was better than the jail suit he had to wear in the field.

This next four bears were all taken by archers from the Great Falls, Montana vicinity. They, along with Rufus, were a great crew to share a camp with.

Here is a shot of Scott and his bear. He had a bear at the site the night before, but it would not cooperate and gave him no shots, although the video turned out great. The next evening he wasted no time and hammered this bear when reach up a tree. The bear looked at Scott when he drew, but it was too late. The arrow zipped through and smoked the barrel on the other side. When I first saw the video I thought those Bowtechs were a bit on the noisy side. The bear ended up going about 20 yards before he piled up.

Tony shot the biggest bear of the week. It had a 19.5” melon and will look good in his shop. Tony is the proprietor of 3D Archery in Vauhgn, MT and since I am writing positive things about him I will be getting a new Bowtech for ½ price. Remember Tony, I can edit this if you don’t come through. This bear played the bait for a couple of nights before he came in for the shot. He was visible, but stayed to the shadows and offered no shots until Thursday evening. Tony was shooting a 45# bow, but that didn’t keep the arrow from passin’ through and piling the bear up within 90 yards. Stop in Tony’s shop in about 6 months and see the full mount.

Here is a shot of Bob and his bear. Bob didn’t think his bear was too big, so I volunteered to help haul it out (whatever, I just wanted to see a dead bear). Well it ended up being bigger than he thought, so no one was going to throw it over a shoulder. Instead, we cut two poles and four of us carried it out over our shoulders. This technique does not work well on a narrow, rocky trail, but we got it out without any twisted ankles. The drive there did cost one rear tire though. This bear ended up 6’3” and was just shy of 19”. This was a score for team Hoyt. Bob and I were the two Hoyt shooters and everyone else was Bowtech’ing. This bear went only 7 yards.

Dan took this bear on the last day of the hunt as well. He demonstrated enormous patience and passed on a smaller black boar that came to the site about an hour before he took this beauty. I am not sure what this one ended up measuring, but he will certainly make a great rug.

Everyone in camp had a great time, even Dave who came back without a bear. He demonstrated amazing character and maintained a positive attitude throughout the week. He also befriended 3 squirrels that entertained him nightly while on stand.

Now for our bear trackers. Although they did not get any tracking done they did keep the couch warm until we got be to camp.

Here's to you Stormy and Ben.
Awesome MtMiller.
Sounds like everything came threw. Awesome bear pics and stories. The last bear kinda looks like mine I got this year. Love them colored phase bears. Great shots.
Stormy and Ben look as if they are pouting because they didn't get to go..
Nice job on the bears, all look really great... :D
Casey and family still own and opperate. Dustin (the main guide is his brother). I don't know if Casey was going to make it up there this year, but I think his dad, Tom, was going to spend a week or so.
Thanks for sharing the pics! Man, I wish I'd could've went again this year.

Miller, you up for moose with them next year??? :D

Looks like with big bro out of the picture, Dustins gone back to the 'hoss'! Still wouldn't mess with little brother though.

PS- Catch any fish? Where's the pics with Ramone?
Apparently Ramone has fallen off the face of the earth. The new cook came in just after I left. Everyone in camp was a do-it-yourselfer, but Dustin and crew did a couple of walleye breakfasts and lunchs.

Although they have good success on moosie (woops Freudian I guess), I would rather shoot the larger cousin.

I don't know if Dustin has been called little brother in quite awhile. :eek: :D
Craig, by your wonderfull story telling and photograpghs I know you had a great time. Did you get left behind again? Maybe another hunt? lol

Congrats on a fine bear, you deserved that one bud!
Now it's off to camp with about 200 boys we hope to save........Charlie
Although they have good success on moosie (woops Freudian I guess), I would rather shoot the larger cousin
Hopefully, we'll be able to discuss that possibility in WY! ;) I'm game if you are! We'll pick Moosie's brain ( that'll take 5seconds) on info! :D

PS-I'm as serious as I am buzzed!

PPS-Wife to Italy=me hunting moose in my world! :D
1-pointer, You should Really Quit Drinking ;)

Horn Seeker, I was Actually looking at Buying Caseys Operation but just couldn't make the "LEAP", Not sure if I could Market it like him..... Last I heard They still own it.

AA, Long time NO hear BUD. Good to see ya Popping in now and then. HAve fun at Camp and Good luck saving the World !!!

MtMillre, It's a 50/50 on the "BACK" Button.... I ALWAYS Copy my Post before I post it jsut in case. I've doen Books Myself and Always Add a Few :D or :( And it doesn't take much to be >8 .... Sorry man.

Cool pictures Again !!! AWSOME toad that one guy shot !!! Holey crap !!
Craig, Dan's bear looks to be different from the one that I saw, darker mostly. A color change "line" ran down the left shoulder of the one I wanted- reminded me of a lion's mane.


I don't think the drinking's the problem. I think drinking alone, in your basement, in your underwear is the problem! ;)
And you are the guy I plan on spending a week with in the Wyoming high country. :eek: Definitely bring your own tent. ;)
I'll save that type of behavior for the return to trip to Big Piney. Heck, I'd probably fit right in! :D
Those are nice bears. Congrats to all the hunters on the trip. Sure am glad you didn't have to return to a cold couch after being in the woods all day. Thanks for the pics and the story.
I don't think I am smart enough. I guess I need to read directions in the manual. By the way, it is a pretty cool vid. :D
can you mail me the tape? i will edit it and post it for you. I can also put it on DVD.

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