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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Took th horses for a little ride to a place I have not been up to in 2 years and TCHunter has never been up there. It was a beautiful day that never really got hot and was sunny6 most of the day. Once on top, after breaking out into the mountain top meadow that seemed to be endless, we worked our way up the gradual slope. It was near the very top when we saw 2 rather nice bucks crossing before us and enter into a small stand of timber. Continuing on we saw yet another nice buck, taller, wider and with more mass, a nice 4 pt he was. The clouds then closed in and the thunder started so we stated back, heading up by where we saw the fist two bucks. We made our way around the stand of timber and saw them heading towards the top of the ridge with another nice buck. The 3 of them stoped and looked at us, completly silouetted on the ridge. We are going to head back up there next weekend when we are not so pressed for tim. Looks like we will be hitting those meadows on opening morning.
I've been trying to book reservations in Cabo for the middle of September. The guy at the reservations desk told me they were full until the end of November. He said it's all the bucks from Arizona and Wyoming going south for vacation. :D

Might as well not go Bill. I think I'll stay home and save the gas.

Bill, Do me a favor. You pack that little rascal up and ship him to Arizona. Tell him pretty stories about the Kaibab and all the great freinds that are waiting for him down here. Tell him I'll come check on him around the 29th of October.
If you do me that favor, I'll be in your debt.
Just drive your butt up here and whack him Dan
I promise I will not take him before you get here :rolleyes:
Can I whack him without a tag? I thought that was all draw hunting up there? If it's not, then send me an email, make a reservation, get me a horse, and stand by.

Not necessarily in that order.....

Dan, it has your name on it. All you would have had to do was put in for one and maybe you would have been drawn. ;) All the leftovers around here are for doe.

Cali, I only wish
There was plenty of greenery up there. Although the streams were dried up, the ground is still moist and soft. There is a pond just beyond where we saw them. The only bad part is that deer opens on a Sunday and I think ther will be a lot of pressure up there. We are going up there again this weekend.
Well I'm waiting.
Left message for you at work and no response.
I quess I'll have to hunt Kaibab by myself this year.
I'll be sure to only take the small ones and leave the monsters for you to find yourself.

If by chance you want to get together for beers one night and look over maps together b4 the scouting season, call me.
I plan on going up there 1-2 days b4 our season and staying as long as possible.
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