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More Pictures

Those sure are some nice ones
I wish I drew a deer tag this year.
That buck could come home with me anytime!!!

Thanx for the pics! :D
Thanks for the pics Oak... Looks like the same type of terrain that I hunt ,when i am hunting the kaibab rocky and steep...

Hey Oak, just for curiosity sake, where were those pictures taken? You can even give map grids if you like, but county and state would be good enough for me. Thanks,
These pics were taken in Mesa County, CO. These bucks are on public land, but few people know of the access. I worked in this area a few yeas ago during deer season and saw one hunter, but I was seeing 25-30 bucks a day between daylight and my shift end at 8:00am. Granted, most of them were not this big, but some were bigger. I went back over the weekend to see if there is still lots of deer. There is.

The pics of the buck in velvet were taken in El Paso county (Colorado Springs area) on private property.

Now don't even bother asking me where I hunt! :D :D
Hey Oak! Great pics...was this the area right across the road from the alfalfa field, and at the bottom of the ridge road? ;) ...I think I recgnize that big one on the left! hehehe

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