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More mid-day sightings during full moon?

JB Florida

New member
Dec 9, 2000
Florida/Gulf ShoresAlabama
OK I tried first light, Mid-day and last few hours.......
I saw 1 in the am about 1 hour after the sun was up .
Afternoon> I saw 21 and only 1 was a buck,
It had the smallest antlers I've ever seen.
A 2"spike on one side and maybe 1 inch on the other.

Anyway, We got busy on the doe tags and I got a TROPHY DOE and one smaller doe.
Our definition is any doe over 125# live weight. Biggest doe of the season gets your name on a plaque with the does age & weight.
Mine is a shoe in because the biggest to-date has been 135# and this one weighed 150#
I'm gonna gun hunt till we are down to 20 tags to-go then bow hunt the rest!
Good luck!


New member
Dec 15, 2000
Aksai, Kazakhstan via Covington Louisiana
way to go bud! nice having some fresh meat. I will try to catch up with ya when I head over to bama.
Keep me up todate on the season and weather. if you get the chance drop me a number for the land line and i will give ya a bell when in your neck of the woods.