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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Well, How did my hunt go ?~?~? Not too bad actually. Sat morning I took off on a SOLO deal… I hiked pretty far back up this ridge. There was a Fella that was ahead of me, but I tried to use him to my advantage as he crossed the Canyon. I stayed Ridge high and Kept climbing…. Snow Came in and I had new boots (NOT waterproof) and gave up after fog set in for over 1 hour.

Here is a Picture of me (timer) … Notice the COOL HAT :D I had that one made.. And I have a BETTER one for the ELK picture *SMILE*



I made it back to Camp around 1:00 PM… I took off the Wet boots and got a Quick bite. I was just laying down when Warren knocked at the Door around 1:30 PM. I jumped up, Got dressed (WITH WARM BOOTS) and headed to the hills….

I gave Warren a bad time about Not shooting a dinky 2 point or 3 point… He said Any “4” would do. He’s killed a few big un’s. Anyways, We hit the top of the first ridge after 2.5 hours and sat and glassed. Just when We were getting up, I saw a BUCK across canyon. I took the binoc’s off of it for a Second and It was GONE ?~?~?~ Well… Warren said he was going to work up the canyon. I headed 50 yards down the ridge line to “SET UP” I saw that buck after only 20-30 mins.I kept my goggles on it for 5 mins before it brought it’s head out from the bush so I knew it was that buck. I glassed it for almost 45 more mins hoping Warren would make it back to shoot it. It was Approaching a Canyon and Finally I decided to Shoot because It go within range "418 Yards"(and yes, I had the range finders).

I laid the x-hairs between the Cavity and Necked and.. WHOOO-APP. Down like a brick. I waited for Warren expecting him to meet me quick but he didn’t get there for another 45 mins. When he walked up I told him NOT to ask how big it was and NOT to ask were I shot it. (It was the SIZE and DISTANCE "LOCATION" I told him NOT to shoot one) He said, Well Looks like Both of us have our hands full. He wacked a 2 point up the canyon a ways… He shot 10 mins after I did, But I couldn’t hear him from were I was at. Funny thing was He heard me shoot. We laughed and We headed out for the night. He had his Gutted But I wouldn’t have made it to mine, And it was in the snow so I knew it was OK. That was the Farthest 418 Yards EVER !!! It was Down one slide face and up another face covered in snow, then over a Crest into a draw. When I shot the deer it fell into that draw. I’ll be back there later this year and take a picture… Hikeing out I was so Tiered I didn’t think about it…

I didn’t bring a Tripod and I was in there by Myself getting mine out while Warren got his out. But here’s a few Pics of my deer. Also, It was Raining a bit so the pics are a Tad Blurry.



Nice shoot'n Tex, congrats. That's a nice buck. :D :D I too have new boots, and there water proof, so I'm ready to help ya pack out that monster Bull. :D :D
Congrats, Moosie old pal!!! Glad to hear that you had a good deer hunt. Now, I will be waiting anxiously for the elk photos. I did notice on my way home last night that the cooler weather has more deer feeding in the fields and golf courses on my way home. CONGRATS!!! Just gotta love this time of year...if you get to hunt!!!! :( Nice buck, is that your largest??
Wylee...his DADs up there... But I left him for you :D

1-POINTER.. That IS the largest deer i've shot.. (THIS YEAR.. ;)) but not over all.... If ya want to see a Big un, I got one for Wylee tied to a Tree.... Hopefully I remember which tree. He'll be up with me SUNDAY.

You say You've seen Deer on the GOLF course... Uhhhhhh... Utah Must have different LAWS then we do here in Idaho If you're scouting there... Do you also Hunt DUCKS on those Ponds too ?~?~? :eek: :eek:
Moosie, That is a great buck! Congrats. I still need to get my pictures developed so I can share as well. I was hoping to be able to throw some elk pictures on the roll as well. But it was a no go. My season ended and and I still have a tag. :( :(

So I see Wylee is going with you this Sunday! I am sure he would have let me in on it tonight!! :D Good luck to you both this weekend.
No, I wasn't scouting, just driving by on the Highway. However, I think that there is some Natl. Forest land behind there, but it would be a hell of a hike to get there. As of right now, hunting this fall is a no go for me. I have only been here since Aug. and have been bogged down with research/school work since I got here and don't fell like shelling out the money for a tag w/o doing any scouting. Congrats!!! That is bigger than anything I have ever shot!!! :D
Ummmmm I saw the hat in person :eek: :eek: LOL anyways he wouldn't tell or show me the one he has for an elk hmmmmmm Not too bad of a buck, of course they look alot smaller from 400+ yards LOL Thought we had a forked horn contest going guess we both lost eh? Hmmmmmm also didn't get my hunttalk hat either :mad: guess my colorado muledeer will be hatless in the pics ;) Thanks for the pics and posting the story.
Nice buck, Oscar! Nice shootin', too!

Really like that hat! Speaking of hats....

Congrats Moosie. I would make a funny remark, but I can't think of one right now. I am too damned envious of you just for being there. Wish I was there instead of here. Looks like you had a pretty good time. A little chilly though.
Attaboy!! Nice "little" 3x!! :eek: I wish mine was that little... I was chasing a 4x like him, but gave in...

Sweet toque, buddy!
Looks like it couldn't get it up - guess the muleys aren't as attractive as those sheep! ;)
Congratulations Moosie. I have one word for you though......Danner. This IS Idaho my friend, and non-gortex boots are a disaster waiting to happen. Anyway, sounds like you made a hell of a shot and worked for your animal. Nice going.
hey moosie nice buck. better get some better boots though nothing worse than wet cold feet
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