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Dec 22, 2000
NW Wyoming
I've heard rumors that Idaho is going to have a 2 bear limit in some of the wilderness areas this year. Do you know if this is for real?

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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
When the Fish and Game Commission approved new rules for big game seasons, it changed the limits in some areas on bears and mountain lions, and discounted tag prices.
The changes were effective July first. "There are a bunch of folks out there that think it was effective immediately, but that's not the case," said acting assistant director Steve Huffaker. Last year the Commission reduced the price of bear and lion tags and made second tags available in a "predator management zone" in the north half of Unit 12.

At their last meeting the Commission expanded opportunities further by allowing hunters to take two bears and two lions in all of Unit 12, 19, 20, 20A, 26, 27 and the north part of Units 10 and 16, but these changes do not go into effect until July 1.

The "second" bear and lion tags sold before July are only good in the half of Unit 12 for the remainder of the spring bear hunt. Extra bear and lion tags will be good in more areas beginning this fall.

The Prices on hunting tags/fees can be found on the Idaho FnG website: http://www2.state.id.us/fishgame/fees.htm

This was a cut from an earlier post in the year I made. The areas to the South were I live will have some changes to it aswell I believe this year. THat post was from last year. If there is a particular area you were thinking of I would be happy to check it out for ya....

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