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Welcome to Hunttalk Guppy....Welcome back to the great world of hunting... I sure hope you have lots of good pics and storys this fall.... :D
I moved to Alaska 7 years ago and haven't hunted since I've been here. I am finally getting back into things again and am planning a moose trip this fall. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for an appropriate moose rifle? I was thinking about a .300 Win Mag. Anyone who hunts moose in AK have any ideas? I would like the rifle to be able to handle bears as well. Any thoughts on this as well as possible ammo suggestions would be appreciated. When I lived in Arizona, I used a .270 for elk and deer, but that seems a little undergunned for moose.

Thanks again
a 300 is about perfect. Use a good 180gr bullet or bigger and that should take care of most bears as well.

Good luck and welcome to moosies misfits :D
Many moose have been taken cleanly with the .270, but it requires ideal angle and shot placement..A bigger gun is better and will perform better on the bears also, should the need arise..

I read somewhere that the three most popular chamberings among Alaskan hunters are the 30-06, .300 Win mag and .338...

None of these three is a BAD choice, but if you are deciding between the .300 Winnie and the .338, consider this...Range and recoil are similar between the two, but the .338 will handle a bigger and heavier bullet...

The .338 Win mag with a 250 grain premium bullet is an excellent choice for all around Alaskan hunting INCLUDING the big bears, should you ever decide to shoot one..
Never been moose hunting, probably never will, but I did have a 338 Mag. Great rifle in the field, brutal on the range.
Never had to worry about shooting from a 'hot' barrel, cuz by the time I shook off the shot the barrel had plenty of time to cool. ;)

I've since sold it and always considered a 338/06 more to my liking. It should be able to anything the Mag does, minus a 100yds, or so.
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