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Moose hunting on rivers


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Feb 24, 2019
Hello to all. I am new on your forum, looking for any and all information concerning moose hunting in Alaska. I have pretty much narrowed my choices down to river hunting in a raft, for the simple reason that the moose would be easier to handle, as quartering and packing long distances was a better idea 25 years ago . I have never hunted Alaska, I want to go for a big bull only and would like some ideas on zones to choose ( fly in ) as well as anything pertinent that might help a novice for an un guided hunt. In general, the plan would resume in finding a good zone with an appropriate river, and try to schedule what is necessary around that. Conscious that flying distance is money,what gets away from the road systems would be desired. I would like to hunt this year, fall of 2019. Are OTC tags available for such a thing ? Would be glad for your ideas.


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Jul 6, 2016
There are definitely OTC units still available. I am interested in this thread because hunting and rafting are 2 of my favorite hobbies. Combining them scares the hell out of me because I associate rafting with getting really wet and I associate hunting with lots of expensive gear that does not react well with water.


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Dec 10, 2002
Chugiak, AK
You're on the right track. The first thing I would do is figure out who has availability to fly you in, this late in the game. Landing strips near/on rivers are limited. There are not that many transporters with planes big enough (economically) to fly in rafts, and even fewer that would have openings this year. If you can stuff it in a cub, you're be looking at lots of trips in/out, which is much more expensive. That would be the driver on what "zone" you plan to hunt. There is good moose hunting all over the state, most people don't know a big bull from an average one... a 4 browtine, or 50" bull is a pretty big bull by most peoples standards anyway. The bag limit for NR in most all units in the state includes a 4 browtine or 50" bull.

The second is... do you have your own raft/gear? If you are renting, there are even fewer options than transporters. I suspect your options for gear will be very limited at this time, and if you do find gear it may be 400 miles away from your transporter.

Also the number of "easy" rivers vs rivers to hunt by experienced floaters really reduces your options. I'm not sure of your experience, but something you should consider as well. The logistics of a float hunt vs a fly in hunt is way more complicated, and I'm not really sure one is better than the other for success.

There is a lot of logistics to get sorted out in a few months. You might be a novice now, but if you pull this off in the next month or two, you'll be on the expert level. ;)

Good luck!
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