Montana Moose/Sheep/Goat Results!

No sheep or moose for me again this year. I am now 0 for 4 in special drawings. :( I believe the next one is Wyoming deer early next month.
No moose or sheep for me in Montana, still cant apply for goat...but next year I can.
Nothing for me. Same as the last 13 years... I'm seriously thinking that I'm going to dump my sheep "points" and just put in for an unlimited area. At least I'll be sheep hunting. Good luck to anyone else!

I cant believe it, but one of my best friends who lives in Anchorage just called and he drew a sheep tag for Petty Creek in Montana. Next best thing to drawing is having a buddy that did. It will be fun to see my buddy Tom bag a smoker ram. He told me I get to hold all the ammo until we see one big enough. November 3-15th Buzz will be sheep hunting in MT.

Next September Tom will be paid back when he watches me shoot (and then packs) an extra large AK moose...

I really cant believe it...
Good for you Buzz. I hope you are also holding the video camera for your bud. Sounds like a good trade for both of you.
Hey, that's awesome Buzz. At least you have a good excuse to make some visits to sheep country. Good luck to Tom.

Hope you have a great time Buzz. Congrats to your friend Tom. Sounds like a nice trade. :cool:

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Congrats to your bud Buzz....
Another year, and no draw... 0-4 Moose and Sheep, next year I will be putting in for goats also I think...
Hey Buzz, do you guys know that unit?

There is a guy that lives there, I think his name is Monty Ishler, he knows every sheep in there by name, you may want to contact him? I also know a guy that took a 180 outta there several years ago. If you guys want any info, let me know and I'll try and dig.

Maybe we can get a beer one day in November!

Horn Seeker,

Yep, I know that area pretty well. I worked for the FS out of the Ninemile Ranger District from 88-90, also spent a fair amount of time hunting in Petty Creek.

The sheep in there arent a push over, although they arent real tough to find either. I've seen the best rams in Spring Creek and Printers Creek. But, they are spread out throughout Petty, even some in the West Fork.

Our plan is to try to look over as many of the mature rams as we can in the first 5-7 days, then select the best one, or one that we like. My buddy wants to shoot a mature ram broomed at 7/8-full curl...score isnt an issue.

A beer sounds good, maybe even a microbrew...get the true Missoula experience.
You get to hold the ammo, till he shoots. That's a hard job. What if a big one runs off while you're reaching for ammo? I'd consider telling him to just listen to you, and make the decision himself. Like if he's looking through the scope and you're looking with binoculars or a spotting scope and you discuss it. I guess you could let him have one bullet, he'd make it count, if he had to shoot that, then wait for you to dig out more.

Take pictures!!

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